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Lake Avenue Cafe Monday Special


The Lake Avenue Cafe (in the Dewitt-Seitz Building in Canal Park) is having a great special tonight. Spaghetti & Meatballs for $14.95 soup or salad included.

The Lake Avenue Cafe has catered to duluthians for over 17 years.

All of the items on the menu are made from scratch. Turkeys are baked, Pesto pulverized, and all of the soups lovingly created.

Enjoy the myriad of entrees including many dishes for vegetarians (Ratatouille, Garden Salad, Spinach Salad, Greektown Salad, Black Bean Burrito, Vegetable Enchilada, Falafel Burger or Platter and many types of pastas featuring the vegan Red sauce or from-scratch Pesto).


Love Lake Ave. Nothing like it. MaryAnne & her chef husbad do a terffic job! Fresh ingredents, great menu choices with many familiar items. Great place!

I generally like Lake Ave as well, but 15 buck spaghetti doesn't sound much like a "special" to me.

Love Lake Ave., except for the salads...they are tiny. TINY!

Otherwise: mmm, Lake Ave.

The dinner salad is just the right size to eat with dinner. The garden salad is big enough to be a meal. Yummm.

$14.95 for pasta, sauce, soup, and greens is a "special"? My own fresh "made from scratch" vegetarian spaghetti costs about $5 to make and I can feed about 5 people on one batch. Hmmm. Maybe I'm in the wrong business.

does the Looch still do Spaghetti Tuesdays?

The one that costs $4? I believe so.

Until you can make a better tasting Spaghetti and Meatballs with soup or salad for less than $15, I'll be eating the one from Lake View Cafe.

a single plate? Nah, but amortized out I bet I could make something that tastes as good, for 6 people for $25 total, and that includes homemade sourdough and a bottle of wine.

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