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I know what I'm asking Santa for this year...

New canoe pack? Hiking Boots? Hennessey Hammock?


Rumor has it that synthoclassical supergroup Mannheim Steamroller will be playing the DECC soon. (tix go on sale on the 7th of Dec.).

hell yeah.


You. Music lover. Are you kidding me? I'd rather get a Cleveland Steamroller from Camryn Manheim than sit through five minutes of that crap. Save your money and listen to a promo commercial for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on an endless loop for 24 hours or until you need electroshock therapy.

I don't understand it either, and I live with the man. ;)

i'm still going. screw you guys.

I know a local cellist who toured with the Steamroller a few years ago. Thus, I'm guessing a modern live show ins't completly bleeps & buzzers. Hell. Maybe he is playing for them this time as well.

Frederic F*ing Chopin's comment was right on. Even the cellist in question laughed...
Of all the groups that could come to the DECC...

I think you are thinking of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That's a synthoclassical supergroup. Mannheim Steamroller is a bunch of middle age white people singing Christmas carols. Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be at the X down in St. Paul, though.

au contrare, notmark...

While the Steamroller is most well known for their christmas music, they're more prolific than that...

I give you Fresh Air vols. 1-8.

Given that they're going to be @ the DECC in something like April...the possibility of Christmas music is significantly diminished.

and i'm still going.

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