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I have been trying to post a picture to a construction help blog. They want the URL of the picture I guess. What and how do I get that and also is that something I should do. It's a good site. And also while I'm at it ,how about this and you have my permission to make fun. I've never had a credit card and because I'm ordering materials online It just isn't right to keep going to my friends. Is this something you can get different deals ? What would be the best card for that and also traveling abroad. Should you stay with a major card

Thanks Frank


You can get a prepaid anonymous credit card at any Simon Properties mall (i.e. the Miller Hill mall) should the item you'd like to purchase require some form of anonymity. You weren't going to put that Real Doll on your friend's card were you? ;^)

The URL is the address at the top of the screen, where it is online, so, for perfectduluthday the url is
http://www.perfectduluthday.com, for example. If your photo is not online you need to get it there somehow, services such as photobucket.com let you sign up for free and you can use their tool to upload and store images at no cost. Additionally, this is also a good option as photobucket absorbs the bandwidth usage, so you don't have to worry about it.

I use imageshack for hosting images on line. It's free. as far as a card goes, don't rrust Simon Malls, they willl take your money after a certain period of time. I use a citi card that gives me a % back on certain types of purchases. Works really well for me and my wife.

Almost any credit card is okay if you can pay your balance in full each month, which avoids costly interest charges. Some cards (Discover, Chase, Citi) pay you a certain percentage of your purchases back.

If you can't pay your balance in full each month, consider not using a credit card.

Simon doesn't take your money for over 18 months, and even then it's a few dollars at a time. So, load the card with whatever amount you think you'll need for that time period. Or, AAA does a similar thing, but they have a minimum loading amount of a couple hundred dollars, where Simon is just twenty bucks.

Thanks for the advice. I'm not really looking for a prepaid card, but do they all have the same interest rate, Can you get different rates depending on where you get your Visa or mastercard or whatever.I'm aware of paying every month and am good at that. As far as a playdoll I'm looking for one of the new advanced bionic models with a control panel with verbal capacity. That way if I want to feel good in the morning I can put her on sweet nothings or If I want to feel bad I can put her on Where you going and who are you seeing. AS far as the htl I loged on to photobucket and successfully downloaded the picture to there. Now I'm working on enabling Java script because they say I have to. I'm not sure how that's going yet or what I'm going to screw up. A couple more hours and I will have done something. Thanks again for the help

Most major credit card companies base their rates on your credit score. Google "credit card interest rates" and read up. "Real Doll" is a safe and sound investment...

p.s. hosting your pictures on the above mentioned sites of the "Real Doll" is neither safe nor sound.

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