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From the Photo Archive | Circa 1994

1994LeapFrog.JPG 1994Swordfight.JPG

Renee had a photography class at the university. From time to time, we had to go around looking for things to take pictures of. If the natural scenery wasn’t enough, we would go get Barrett. He was always good for high jinks.

“How about we make a sign that says ‘No leapfrog,’ and then we leapfrog in front of it?” he would suggest. None of us had a computer, so what seemed like a simple idea required going to the store for a big black marker and spending a half hour on careful letter work.

Sometimes it was easy though. “Take this stick and climb up here with me. On guard!”

There’s no telling how many different photos from this set are in an attic somewhere or were thrown away long ago. There are only two I have copies of, so there are only two I remember — keepsakes from our staged fun.


I'm pretty sure I have a big stack of those in a manila envelope in the basement. I should dig 'em out.

Did Denfeld have a photography class? Must have. I was a cake which I am sure disqualifies me from everything but sucking O2 and possibly that but we had Mr. Bublitz for photo back in the 70's. Any one out there remember Mr. Bublitz? Lets have a round of applause for Mr. Bublitz.I have a minor pantload of old black and white negs from back then. I think this here is the beginnings of a great site. B&W photos that were taken during the course of a Duluth photography class. Bruce Ojard are you out there?

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun...

Denfeld indeed had a photography class -- at least into the early '90s. You'd think it was an easy class, but I actually managed to get an F one semester. It was my only high school F. Perhaps someday I will post the photos from my failed semester.

Speaking of staged fun, I plan to post some nude self-portraits soon.

Mr. Lundgren...If you could narrow it down to the one shot that you think may have earned you a failing grade I am sure we would all love to see it. If Mr. Stauber does indeed post nude self portraits I will have to meditate on the image of Drew Cary in a thong to force that image out of my brain buffer....(Shudder)

I think I might have Paul's high school photos too. Damn it -- why do I have Paul's schoolwork AND Renee's schoolwork in my basement?

I'm everybody's dad.

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