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From Puke to Farts to Penises

Just thought you'd like to know that Sven Sundgaard's Penis has a blog. I for one am speechless.


my eye! my eye! my eye!

I have many, many questions. The first one is: How did you find this blog?

It sounds like Paul Lundgren to me.

I think a Sven Sundgaard's Penis T-shirt contest is in order.

Send me your ideas.

Is that an official KARE 11 site?

This guy found it first. I don't think Paul has anything to do with it.

Does this mean there might be a Cathy Wurzer's breasts blog?

Here's our submission

with all the hard stuffgoing on in my personal life right now, I really needed this gimp challenge.

here you go.

I like Sven by the way. I've never met his penis

oh. my. god. baci, that is hilarious.

i will totally buy lots of those t-shirts and send it to all my relatives for xmas.

Apparantly, Sven's penis hasn't forgotten Duluth.

ZOMG! I smell Halloween costume.

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