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Duluth Superior GLBTAQI Pride elections will be held at the next general meeting. October 2nd at the Androy Hotel. 1213 Tower Ave. Superior, WI.


What's up with that logo? Are there a lot of gay deadheads in Duluth?

I can name at least three or four shows that c-freak and i went to together...separately of course.

Summer Tour '[email protected] Autzen? Indigo Girls opening?

ain't no time to hate....

Oh boy, that makes me want to go protest the war... um, Vietnam I mean.

oddly, Deadheads and antiwar folk didn't do a whole lot of commingling...i think it was a difference in focus of energies...it's hard to put out music and tour like the Dead did and divide your focus between that and protesting the war.

Sure, there might have been a bit of intermixing a bit, but mainly among the fans, there were a lot of similar ideas but in the grand scheme they couldn't really coexist...

The older heads that I hung out with and who brought me "onto the bus" as it were felt that Dead shows were an event...kinda like going to church on sunday...sans all the hellfire and brimstone and going to hell in a bucket and shit.

They sang about love and women and old cowboys and being on the road...and dancing and making love...sang fairy tales and epic stories about soldiers and sailors...songs about being down and out and getting busted...War, politics and the rest of that bummer stuff didn't make it in too far because at that moment none of that mattered.

Their music was a transcendence (god i love spell check.) of everything that was going on around them...in a way it rose above the negativity that it was caught up in.

Ain't many people can get a grip on what they were trying to do...you had to have been there.

mmkay, i'll stop it with the philosophical waxings now.

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