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Drinkin' Outside the Kozy


The Kozy Bar will be the next to apply for outside drinking. If you didn't see this one coming, you're foolin' yourself.


Generally I'm all for public drunkenness but this is a slippery slope. Is it really a good thing to have people drinking on the street outside of every bar? It's one thing to have a enclosed patio type thing going on, but this is a little unwieldy. And unfortunately the Council has painted themselves in a corner by approving Mitch's.

If only there was was a place to go where you could smoke and drink indoors at the same time.

Try to explain the difference between drinking on the sidewalk in front of the Brewhouse and drinking on the sidewalk in front of the Kozy, without being classist.

I'm all for it, only make the bar owners liable for damages or anything else that results from it, applicable to the brewhouse and the cozy.

In a word: easement.

It has nothing to do with being classist, and everything to do with being a realist. For one thing isn't the sidewalk outside Fitgers wider than outside the Kozy? It seems that outside seating is a little more accomodating at the Brewhouse than on First Street. Secondly as soon as the Brewhouse averages as many police calls as the Kozy I'll be happy to to treat them as equals when it comes to outside drinking.

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