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Caption This.



Where's the Corona???

"Hey! You're sitting on our last coconut!"

Maybe Al Gore wasn't a left-wing nut job after all.... (Park Point, 2012)

1. "Well, I'll be, I thought we where in Canada".

2. "Are those trees, like, 'doing it'"?

I told you we shouldn't have taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

If you were a penguin, I bet you'd carry a purse filled with fish and you'd put lipstick on your beak.

Wanna sniff my finger?

Damn it, Helen, we got our wheels entwined again!

When I answered the "What would I bring with me on a deserted island?" question, I thought the island would be bigger.

Have you seen my baseball?

Snowmobiling for Christmas trees just isn't the same since global warming...

"Honey, now that I think about it, our children would be better off if the school board was run by Harry Welty."

Hey, Pull my finger

Your colostomy bag is full

"Let's rest here a minute. Riding bikes on sand is hard."

Of course this is ours too.
All inclusive. Remember?

Donde esta la casa de Pepe?

"Hey look! Mutant asparagus."

"Are you as sweaty as I am"


Hey, the furry sheepskin thing fell off your seat.

ass callus!


This one is the best!

Whaddya mean lets see if it fits???

Damn, should have rode the Pugsley

um... this island is small?

when i die, i wanna be reincarnated as your bicycle seat.

I'll race ya to that tree!!!

"I could not lift that palm tree. There are many other palm trees that I could lift."

Watch out for the pointy knives sticking out of the sand. They'll pop your tires.

Palm & Bicycle Mitosis is Great!

good one B Cookie! (I believe that's from Bill Murray as Hercules on SNL)

Thanks Berv, why yes it was.

No, we can't take them home.

we have to fight the palm trees over there, so we don't have to fight them over here. never forget!

Rick Boo: I think thats your ball C-Freak.

C-Freak: No Rick, you hit yours in the woods again.

see, there's still rain forest left. fuck you sting!

Uh, there's a large rectangular balloon floating over our heads. Maybe if we ignore it it will go away.

"There goes the neighborhood"

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