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Bring Your Tinfoil Hat!



Hi - we're coming to the festival from the Twin Cities and were wondering if anybody had lodging recommendations near Lakeview Castle?



There is a Motel next to the Lakeview Castle called the Cape Superior Inn. The number is 218-525-5775.

Yoou might also want to check out the Voyageur Lakewalk Inn in Duluth. It is across the street from Carmody Irish Pub which is offering a shuttle bus up to the Castle. Their number is 218-722-3911

I am so pumped to see Cloud Cult again. They are so awesome. I'm thinking of bidding on a painting this time since I didn't do it last time on one I really loved. So no one bid against me ;-)

Couldn't agree more, Mel. I'm so pumped to see Cloud Cult!

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