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Aunts can be great


So can I use my fifteen dollar birthday check for steak dinner ONLY and/or anything I want for lunch (chicken, fish, etc.) , or does the "steak" modify both dinner and lunch? Also where can I get a steak for fifteen buckaroos?


take all friends to anchor bar

Spend the $15 on Guiness; it's more enjoyable and has more nutritional value than a steak. It's YOUR birthday.

Happy Bervday, Berv!

Your aunt still sends you money? You're lucky-I don't think I've received birthday money since I was 18.

Happy 85th Birthday, Berv!!
You don't look a day over 84.

Thank you, thank you! And believe me, I wasn't fishing for birthday wishes, its all about the grammar of my aunt's check memo. (cough)

MY great aunt used to give me $2 bills for my birthday. I saved them for years because they seemed special and I felt guily spending them. Then when I was a teenager I spent them all.

whadja get? (btw Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving/ Bervday Bash 2nite @ Carmody's 8:00)

i'm wonderin where you can get a steak dinner for fifteen bucks. fifteen bucks is a tip for a steak dinner!

Does the Steak Escape in the Miller Mall foodcourt count? Judges...? And get this: Steak Escape is based in Columbus Ohio, and today is Columbus Day!!! That is f'ed up twisted, man.


$15 can buy you around a pound and a half of sirlon at Old World Meats. Way better than anything you could get eating out. That is of course if you have the gumption to grill it yourself.

from a strictly grammatical standpoint, i would read this as either steak for dinner or steak for lunch. the important thing is, auntie wants you to enjoy some grilled meat.

Maybe she means a steak *TV* dinner.

Yeah...*sailsbury* steak tv "dinner". With mashed potatoes and corn. And a brownie square. Live it up!

I asked Grammar Girl to come to the rescue. We'll see if she does.

While not technically steak, the Hammond does offer it's King and Queen size Prime Rib portions for under $15 on Fridays and Saturdays. Plus, you can have sesame sticks while you wait and the waitresses are hotties.

Friday is steak night at Old Country Buffet.

Berv- Don't be such an ungrateful little bitch. It was a sweet gesture by your aunt to give you such a thoughtful gift. Endorse it and put it in the collection plate on Sunday...Or go to Embers on 27th.

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