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at super one ...

two girls looking at magazines while waiting in line.

girl 1: brad pitt is so hot.
girl 2: yeah. i used to think so until i realized he's only a year younger than my dad.
girl 1: so?
girl 2: gross.


Girl 2 should keep her eye on Girl 1

[age / 2] + 7

Adam, as a single 40 year old, let me say that that formula only works up to a point. You start running into serious culture lag with anyone more than 8 or so years younger than you are. And to a geek like me culture lag is deadly. I can't stop and explain who Zan and Jana or Captain Kangaroo or Maxwell Smart or HR Puffenstuff are to every date.

Just sayin'.

It's H.R. Pufnstuf not Puffenstuff. It had the talking flute and Vroom Broom. Do you remember Land of the Lost with sleestaks and Cha-Ka ?

Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition...

met the greatest earthquake ever known!
High on the rapids it struck their tiny raft
and plunged them down a thousand feet below
to the Land of the Lost!

who the hell are Zan and Jana?

my forty has somehow missed the cultural references attached to your forty. :P

besides, doesn't that rule out dating anyone who didn't grow up with a TV or is from another country?

while not in the under-my-age dating pool, I DO have opportunity to purvey kewl upon those significantly younger than myself. I must say that when i un cork a little Ark II on them kids, they are at onece appreciative and angry..angry that they missed it. Emo is New Wave! Joy Division is the real My Chemical Romance..I play tones on tail in class and they brush their bangs aside and happily respect the past. Yet it's the "old" set who needs validation in young eyes..age is meaningless, it's your ear and eye and heart that puts you in a demographic..sorry ..end rant

Baci, I can't wait till the day you can really start screwing up my kid(s).
In that official teacher way, not just the goofy neighbor way.
I loved Tones on Tail.

Heidi, are you cereal?

Umm... do the words "Wondertwin powers, activate" mean anything to you?

Okay, I am overstating my case for effect. And now you probably understand WHY I am single.

What's a TV?

My life is pretty much permeneant cultural disconnect, so, you get used to it.

I put in my 15 years with the TV, so I feel I've paid my dues.

My pop culture IQ goes through about 1990 or so, and then I graduated from college and went to grad school and had a kid and then another one. Over the last 10 years pretty much the only TV I've watched has been on disc.


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