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All Bad Vikings Must Go

What's better than rummaging through other peoples decade old junk. Sons of Norway have cleaned through all their closets and are selling what is oudated, unnecessary and historically inaccurate. I think it will be cool. My best friend that lives in Indiana now is in love with his norwegian heritage, and I'm hoping I can pick him up some fun stuff. I'm goin' early.
Link to article, pictures & info: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/articles/index.cfm?id=52377§ion=homepage


This looked like a lot of fun--how was it? (I wanted to head over there for it, but couldn't make the trip this morning...)

I thought it stank. But I may have had high expectations. I got there at 8:55am and there was hardly anything norway related...and no statues of vikings to speak of. There was a lot of old 70s chinaware, and old lamps and hand made pillows...and some really cool old books, but that's about it. Nothing any more special than a normal rummage sale - except this one had waffles!

Well, then, how were the waffles? ;+)

I didn't have any ;-) but they sure LOOKED good! Rummage sales with food are great

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