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Zra says I should title this post "Birth Control"

Okay, anyone with young kids will most likely have heard of "The Wiggles." They're four Australian guys (who, incidentally, used to be in a hard-rock band called The Cockroaches) who sing children's music and have elaborate stage shows for children. I call them 'crack for babies' as the majority of children I've run into become hypnotized if The Wiggles are anywhere within a 50-yard radius.

Anyway, they do have some grownup humor, too, which is the only thing that makes them bearable for adults. One of my favorite songs is a cover of the "Hoop-de-doo Polka" on one of their live show dvds. There's plenty of humor during this little clip and it is interesting on so many levels - not only the lyrics, which are decidedly unchildlike, but the oddity of four Australian blokes playing a northern Minnesota polka. Admittedly, Perry Como made it famous but the Iron Range knew it best. So for your enjoyment, I present The Wiggles and the Hoop De Doo Polka!


Ahhh..but have you seen them do this song live in concert? Yeah. When we moved we "lost" our VHS copy of "Hoop De Doo: A Wiggly Party". My kids are still looking for it.

No, we haven't seen the Wiggles live in concert because they sell out so darn fast but the version we have is the "Hot Potato: Live in Sydney" concert, so technically it's live...

oh, gawd. All those songs are coming back.
We had a portable TV thing we put in the back of the van for the long rides back to Nebraska, so I've heard and remember every song, but have never really SEEN a wiggles video.
I didn't know they were a "real" band before they wiggled.

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