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I say habeas, you say corpus.


Wait, am I missing something? Isn't this a good thing and didn't it pass? Please explain.

Overturning the suspension of habeas corpus required 3/5 majority (60 votes), and they only got 54. Apparently, adhering to constitutional rights now follows party lines. Thanks Norm. Independent and free-thinking as always.


ehh, i wasn't gonna use it anyhow.

i guess next they're gonna put the kibosh on my freedom to own a gun. gee, and i thought it was them liberals who were gonna pull that one off, whodathunkit?

Oh, the censorship! The Pain! The injustice of existence! Why, Barrett Chase, why? Why have we been denied?

Habeas Corpus? I don't know who he is, but he sounds like a terrorist to me.

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