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The Mercer Report

Ran into this fellow's show while up in Canada, found it fairly amusing.


Funny stuff. The comments were amusing as well. This one from vsutton1964 was my favorite:
"I know it's difficult for you to understand; Conservatives support traditional family values, liberals don't. Mercer's sketch (paid for with Canadian tax dollars) mocks and ridicules Conservative policy on this issue. Mercer is a liberal propagandist who aggressively promotes gay culture in an effort to shame Conservative policy."
It's nice to know that Canada has to deal with conservative dickwads as well, sometimes it feels like we got 'em all down here.

youtube comments are about 2 steps away from 4chan. I've given up reading them

Now enjoying extensive Mercer Report archives on CBC's website. Good find edge :)

and he's a Newf, can hear it in his accent.

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