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The Lion Sleeps Tonight



John’s Red Lion Bar is now closed after over 35 years in business.

Info for history buffs:

The two-story brick building was designed by William A. Hunt and built in 1910 to house the Albert Salter Saloon. It has served primarily as a bar throughout its existence. Before it was the Red Lion, it was briefly the Diamond Lounge. From the early 1950s to late ’60s it was the Two-Twenty Lounge (because it was at 220 E. Superior St., get it?).


RedLion2.JPG RedLion4.JPG BenMarsen.JPG

PsychoCapone.jpg BlackLabels.JPG

Lumpytender.JPG Lefty.JPG

RedLionLion.JPG DickRosvall.JPG TomSellak.JPG

Hung.JPG AdamGuggemos.JPG AllenRichardson.JPG

TrishDeLude.JPG FreddieHug.JPG Muerte.JPG


truly an end of an era

1) How the hell did Lumpy get behind the bar to serve drinks (and why wasn't he serving me?).

2) Everyone was swaying like they were on the Crazy Train. You would have thought the place was moving.

3) Ha ha, Cork.

Shut up, Adam.

Here's a slideshow of my photos from the night.

miles away & devastated. i live in san francisco now but used to frequent the lion between 94-96, which i'm sure was a different clientelle back then since most of those people have moved away....or not. totally random that i stumbled across this site & sad, sad news. i miss so many things about my home city

Chris Pollard! You're a blast from the past!

They have completely gutted the Lion out over the past week. The beautifully tagged front door is still there. Who's taking it?

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