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The "Bad Dad" Video Clip

What's Mr. Nice and Kat Kitten's take on offspring and office worthiness?


You shouldn't do it until your kids are at least 16, Kat Kitten says, I remember when my dad ran for office and I was scared I'd never see him again. Mom disagrees, but who's the candidate? My opinion counts, not hers!

Is that 16 in cat years, dog years, or human years?

Thank you for posting this, Ironic. It's always preferable to see the first source instead of second and third-hand versions. Especially when it's video; context and whatnot.

BONUS: compare the photos in the infographic at the intro.

I don't care if Bell said that. It doesn't affect my opinion of either candidate.


See The Transistor for the Mr Nice for Mayor campaign's response.

The Ness / Bell Video is on http://www.northernmnnews.com/page2.html

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