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Starving Artist - Got Instruments?

Now that Craigslist is total crap I am resorting to posting to PDD. This is a porch sale. Please call or email for purchase or more information. I am a local musician and a collector of fine instruments.

Call on Rob
email 218.310.1891

Banjo $100, Violin $300, wii + games (SOLD), Recorder Trio (sopr,alto,tenor) (SOLD), Travel Guitar (SOLD)

Thanks PDD!

Click for more info

Banjo - Unbranded, Wood and Steel construction, works well, steel reinforced neck. Case, tuning wrenches. Comes with 2 beginner Banjo books.

Violin - Scott Cao from Campbell, CA. Great hard case with nice bow, chin grip, rosin, microtuners on every string, good strings. Comes with 2 books: Improvising violin & country violin method. This is a great violin and I fret to give this up. Please find it a good home.

Original Song or Arrangement - I will write you a song, just give me the level of play, instrumentation, genre and a loose thought of content. It will probably only take a few days. I could also do arrangements of other songs. I am a studied composer with a degree in Music Theory and Composition. At least that is what that piece of paper from UMD says.

Thanks to the wonderful PDD'ers that have helped me out.

I love the PDD and I love Duluth, but if I can't find a job or can't pay my rent I can't live here. Do you need a computer programmer? my site.