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So how is it?



I went there for dinner and had a fabulous caesar salad and half a sandwich. You can tell that breakfast and lunch are their strong points, their dinner menu seems like a bit of an after thought. GREAT SERVICE, we were a tough crowd, lots of us coming in at different times, a few babies among us, but our server was great. One problem, it seemed half the items we ordered they'd run out of. I say thumbs up, check it out.

Oh, man. Don't get me (us) started. I have a feeling this post may cause the most comments ever on PDD. Okay...

I've been there four times and have been disappointed every time. Cold food, late food, horrendous service. Really, how hard is it to serve warm, non-soggy fries? Who exactly is our server? Who exactly is bartending? Why is my bun so dry and hard? No, I haven't even ordered yet, so I'm not quite ready to settle my check.

Oh, man...


been there...done that...for brunch actually. we took the moms when they were in town and had...quite a nice time.

age appropriate toys are available to entertain the kids while waiting for your food to arrive.

I had a most excellent cornmeal waffle (a new twist on one of my all time favorite breakfast entrees)...the coffee could be a bit more...but then again, I'm kind of a snob. tams had steak and eggs with a pretty darned good sausage bread, tams' mom had the wild rice porridge and my mom had the basic type breakfast...and Haze had toast and fruit kabobs. Pretty good stuff, all in all...

I thought the pjs and robes were a little over the top, but all in all, I like the atmosphere.

Tamara took her residents from the nursing home a while back and they all loved it, save one of her coworkers. Apparently she wasn't all too thrilled with the depictions of "demons" on the walls (I can only assume she was referring to the Steadman prints...)...in response, she wants to open a restaurant right next door called "Heaven's Gate."


no, despite the hype...or lack of it...I like the place.

I did feel like I was cheating on Luce though...

I've been their three times, the first for breakfast. It was good, but probably a little over priced for the quality,service and atmosphere. Of course, you go knowing your going to pay a little more than usual.

the second time was for the late night menu, which seems cheaper and was excellent.
The bartender made good drinks and the dark warehouse vibe didn't make me feel too crowded.

The third time I went back craving a PB sandwich from the late night menu (probably the best PB I've ever had, seriously) and they had apparently stopped serving early, but the manager (who was really nice!) got us some free drinks and we ended up meeting a few members of Wilco.
so...pretty good.

mediocre, at best.

Food. Tasty, yet overpriced.

However, they have La Fin Du Monde at the same price as every other non-budwesier beer. At 9.00% alcohol, and Flavor that is like a fist, you can't go wrong with that deal.

went to hell's yesterday and it was good. Amanda was a fun flirty server. had the crab cake and house beer. 15 minute wait.

I've been there twice with the wife, and I think the food is quite good, with a nice mix of standard and unusual dishes, and everything was very reasonably priced.

The service was pretty terrible though-- lots of mistakes, and the last time we went the table next to us, which had ordered before we were seated, hadn't received any food by the time we finished and paid our check. Their glares suggested they weren't happy.

The servers were quite cheerful and apologetic, though, and that makes up for a lot.

I predict that in a few months, once the bugs are worked out, it will be a great place, but until then, it will be hit or miss.

So basically... there is no consensus on any one aspect? I tried going shortly after they opened but they where having problems so decided to wait awhile, perhaps in the dead of winter will be a good time.

I like the image of the tiny window unit AC next to the Hell's Kitchen sign.

This reminds me a lot of the discussion following the opening of Burrito Union - Lots of wildly different experiences. I'll have to go check it out for myself, but I think I'll wait a month or two to let them get the kinks out.

Not a single Vegan item on the menu.

I've been there five times, and it has been good and bad. First two times were terrific--had the vegetable fritatta the first time and the vegetarian benedict the second time. The servers both of these times went above and beyond, and our coffees were always filled. The third time was okay-- huevos rancheros were pretty heavy, though. The fourth time was actually kind of gross. I had the crispy fried egg and it didn't sit too well. The fruit tasted like cleaning solution! The fifth time I finally had the lemon ricotta hotcakes. They were okay, but I felt sick after that meal. The server was very inexperienced during that visit, so our coffees were not filled promptly and other things got forgotten.

I also found that they would randomly run out of things almost every time I visited.

I have to avoid the place in the near future, because I need to stick to a lowfat, vegan diet. As Starfire said, there are no vegan items and the food is certainly not lowfat!

I'd say, give it a try (if you aren't vegan), but it's a bit of a crapshoot.

i went with a party of about 8 and i think half of us were super satisfied and the other half were pretty disappointed. the pb is amazing and the lemon ricotta pancakes are the most delicious pancakes i've ever had the pleasure of eating. yum. sweet potato fries? always a hit.

$7.50 plus tip for a scotch and water. We were going to eat but didn't have time to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for it.

Went there on Saturday night and there was only a 15 minute wait. hhmmmm .. the lighting made me feel funny.
I had breakfast for dinner and went with the eggs benedict. I'm a bit of an EB snob [tomato instead of ham everytime]. The food was clean and tasted very fresh. Perfectly cooked egg. You only get one egg & toast but that was fine with me. The server was a nice young fella too.

Afterwards we ambled to the bar and the bartender said of the Long Island Iced Tea I ordered "This drink will change your life" and I knew exactly what he meant.
It was pure alcohol that I had to have help drinking. [I'm a light weight] Should have stuck with the wine. The bartender was fun to chat with and put up with us asking to change the GINORMOUS TV to the US open yelling .. I think it's on 3 no 44 .. try ESPN.
I'd say the ambiance .. not so fun. Food .. pretty darn good.

we went there for lunch & co-worker had long hair in burger. nasty. comp'd but lunch was pretty much ruined. slow service. i had eggs ben. meh. will not go back, but i'm super picky.

I went a few weeks ago, on a late Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere was alright, I guess, but well, I'm kind of turned-off by restaurants that devote as much of their wall space to t-shirt sales as they do to their menu.

The service we had wasn't very good at all--our server was really grumpy, forgot a lot of stuff, and I felt like we were a nuisance even though we didn't ask for so much as a soda refill while we sat there.

Also, while we lucked out and got seated right away, it seemed like there was a major backlog happening in the kitchen, because it took nearly an hour for us to get our food. And we might've given up and left during that wait, except that our crabby server kept saying it'd be out "in a minute."

The food itself got mixed reviews. I forget what each of us ordered, exactly, since it was a few weeks ago, but I remember my fries were soggy, and a lot of our food was cold.

We did get a slight cut on the bill due to the wait, which was nice, but it still seemed overpriced to me.

I think we might have been the "other table" that drifter was talking about. If so, we weren't glaring at you, we were just amazed at the irregular service in that place.

Anyway, we were very unimpressed. The first strike was that they were out of half of the things we wanted. (Including their house beer. How do you run out of your house beer?) We struck up a brief conversation with a group at the table next to us, and they said they had waited over an hour for their food. We waited even longer.

And, yes, there was a table next to us who were seated after us, and managed to order, get their food, finish, pay, and leave all BEFORE we got our food. I don't know if this was drifter, or if this is just a common occurrence.

Finally, the food was rather cold, and completely mediocre. Beware of their burgers - they PACK them full of diced onions. Pretty sure it didn't say that on the menu, but I could be wrong. With all of the crazy advertising and decor choices, I expected something other than the "same old" burger and sandwich menu.

A last, minor complaint is the lighting. The decor and advertising make you think it's going to be this dark, gothic sort of ambiance. But the place is lit by halogen lights that made me wish I had brought my sunglasses.

Obviously, we weren't impressed, and won't be going back.

Took the wife there for her birthday. Both ordered the pasta, which was good, but nothing outstanding compared to other dining places. Breakfast didn't look too enticing.

i went there for breakfast and thought it was pretty blah. nothing vegan, very little vegetarian. wild rice porrige way too sweet and light on the rice. the homemade hot sauce has corn syrup in it, ick. the track lighting is AWFUL; it made my hot, demure 20-something dining companions look like old, hagged-out sluts. and the decor make me feel like i was eating in a hot topic.

also, what is the deal with the menu repeatedly touting the grade AA large eggs? aren't those, like, standard factory farm issue?

the cinnamon rolls are good though. they brought us two by accident. hot, gooey and they come with a big ramekin of whipped butter.

Ate there once with my usual date - had pancakes, a waffle, and two bloody mary's, window seat. All good, but the funny thing was, the waitress SWORE that the bloody marys were REALLY SPICY and that the pancakes were HUGE, but neither was really true. I found that funny and it made me think if I was opening a hip new eating joint, I wouldn't hire a grain-fed midwesterner to hype the food..

So the candidate's got a problem
with grain fed midwesterners?
go back to baja oklahoma.


Went here for sunday brunch with two friends. People in front of us were a party of 7 and ask how long of wait and were told 5-10 mins. We thought ourparty of 3 was golden. Put in our name and asked how long were told 1 hour. Do not know how that works but we left. Do not go to that area often so not really planning on going back.

Stopped by with our kids. My wife's chicken was under-cooked, my walleye filet was so overdone that I couldn't eat 1/2 of it and our kid's hamburgers were chared (needless-to-say that they don't know much about kids and their tastes). The service was just as bad; slow and bland. Overpriced too...
Wrote a letter to the management complaining about all of the above, and they didn't take the time to respond.This local won't support you during the long cold winter.....Bad, bad juju man....Too many other bland choices in Canal Park.

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