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Smoke Up!


The statewide smoking ban starts on Monday!

Good? Bad?



What's Mr. Camel Stud drinking there? Bailey's? A latte in a little glass cup?

He looks fair-skinned and should be concerned about skin cancer.

Oh, and smoking is bad.

When people first started talking about smoking bans, I was opposed to the idea. Even though I'm a non-smoker, I figured that business owners should be allowed to run their business in whatever legal manner they want to.
But then I realized that just because I sat in a cubicle, I was protected from other people blowing smoke into my workplace.
Food service work can be the lowest paid/hardest working jobs out there. They should have the same rights I should.

Haha! No, silly...that's back when Folger's was considered good coffee. It's just weaker than we are used to...and maybe they even used real cream. "unexpectedly mild" mmmmm

Haha! No, silly...that's back when Folger's was considered good coffee. It's just weaker than we are used to...and maybe they even used real cream. "unexpectedly mild" mmmmm

Haha! No, silly...that's back when Folger's was considered good coffee. It's just weaker than we are used to...and maybe they even used real cream. "unexpectedly mild" mmmmm

Check out {diesel exhaust in school buses).I'm sure all anti smokers will get on board for electric cars


Check out ( diesel smoke in school buses) I'm sure you will all get on the bandwagon for electric cars


It's interesting that some cities are beginning to ban outdoor smoking; even in Duluth, you cannot smoke within 100 feet of a hospital.

I can foresee lawsuits: if we ban cigarette smoking outdoors, mustn't we also ban automobile exhaust, coal plant emmsioons, farts, etc.?

A ban on farting...I like it.

Woo-hoo! I'm all for it. I love going to a show at any bar in the Cities and coming out not smelling like I rolled in a giant ash tray.

I am also all-for a ban on diesel exhaust, and have been for years.

RE: Diesel Exhaust

Today's diesel is way, way cleaner than in the past. Starting in 2008, diesel exhaust will be EVEN CLEANER then gas exhaust, due to new "clean diesel" regulations. Add in the new slate of super-efficient diesel engines coming to our shores beginning in 2008-09, and diesel becomes the cleanest fossil fuel. Who knew?

I'd like a ban on Vin Diesel exhaust.

Quit smoking many years ago and still have health problems from years of smoking. Today while in a Two Harbors parking lot a guy came by me smoking his cig and I liked the smell. Brings back many memories of certain life events. I can't be in a room with someone smoking but outside you just get that aroma(some say stink) of tobacco. We do need some more laws.......how about bad breath....there otta be a law.

According to a Science Friday episode several months ago, biodiesel is not as clean as it's cracked up to be. I don't remember the details, but it was worse for city ozone problems than (was it gas or regular diesel? I can't remember now.) in that there were different chemicals or amounts of chemicals that would contribute rather than ease the problem.

All I can say is that if cars got away with belching out the shit that dump trucks and buses get away with, the world would still look like the industrial revolution.

He's celebrating a moment of his life with a cup of general foods international coffees. I'd say the Vienna Blend; it can't be Cafe Francais because then he'd be french smoking.

I worry about this guys hair going up in flames. I'm for the smoking ban... Ex smoker 6 years running and I can't be near smoke without getting a sick to my stomach. Thats half the reason I don't go out anymore.

I very happy about the upcoming smoking ban. We like to play trivia and go out to eat at Tejas. Since they are in Hermantown we've had to tolerate the smoke. The only bad thing is that I work at the only property in town that doesn't have to adhere to the ban as it is on sovereign land....ugh.

Talk about timing DNT article says alcohol consumption raises possibility of breast cancer in women. I hereby say we start a movement to ban alcohol in bars. And also about the white skin guy and skin cancer. Strech this around your brain. The space shuttle burns the same amount of fuel in one launch as all the cars in america burn in two minutes punching a hole in the ozone that contributes to skin cancer. You could also say that using all those brains and money to hit asteroids instead of developing clean cars is related to our thirst for oil which in turn is leading to the death of our kids. Looks like their getting us in a couple of ways

What's French smoking?

the "French Inhale," is simultaneously exhaling through the mouth and inhaling the secondhand up into the nostrils.

Does this include weed?

yes, it includes weed, if that's your trip.

Hmmm. A brief search at google on methane emission cattle certainly makes the comments about banning farting and/or diesel fuel humorous.

I saw somebody step over the 100 foot line at St. Mary's with a cigarette and they got electrocuted.

We MUST ban everything that might possibly be bad for somebody!

Its for your own good, comrade!

Let the "endarkenment" begin!

How far do we go with this? Will we arrest (and remove the children of) parents who smoke any where near their spawn?

"Won't someone think of the children!"

I say we outlaw stupidity. Starting with this smoking ban.

P.S. I am a non-smoker who can't stand the smell of smoke but who has a brain and two legs that allow me to walk away from smoky atmospheres.

I can hardly wait. Now I can go to see Cloud Cult at the Castle without choking.

Thanks, guys, for being so accepting of my bandwidth fart up there. ^^^ I'm a smoker who hates the smell of Marlboro's and other cheap smokes. I have a very sharp sense of smell. I think there should be a ban on fabric softener emissions.

As long as safari shirts aren't outlawed, I suppose it's a good thing.

It will be interesting to see if Wisconsin follows suit. A smoke free Tower Ave?

I heard that they may be close to having the votes in the Wisconsin Legislature for a smoking ban. But they have little time for that since they still have no budget.

Ezra: I know what a French inhale is—what's French smoking.

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