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Seeking: An Auto-Body Experience


My neighbor ran into my car while it was parked on the street. Now I'm doomed to entering through the passenger side until this gets fixed.

Does anyone have any recommendations for which body shop to choose, or which to avoid?


i took my dent to the place up on 4th west & 4th street - lower side. they did a great job. i liked them. that was like 15 yrs ago, but still...

How about Ogston's on Central Entrance?

The folks down from you on 4th St. and 12 Ave. E. don't do body work, but they're helpful and honest, so they may have recommendations.

I highly recommend Arrowhead(even with the jingle). I was more than satisfied with their work, and their customer service. STAY AWAY FROM HUMES!!!! I guarantee your accident is too small for the arrogance of that establishment.

I vote for Colin's Collision Center at 5082 Miller Trunk Highway. They're friendly, and I'm told their rates are reasonable. The last time I brought my car there they were honest enough to say I was better off just buying a new car.

my only experience has been with Peerless, and they were fine.

Given the choice again, I think I'd go with Arrowhead, BECAUSE of the jingle. It's so good.

I like Humes

I had quite the bad experience at Humes. That guy in there did not seem to want anything to do with our car and all but told us to quit bothering him. I still vote for Arrowhead just because that is where I have had the best luck.

We were ripped off by Arrowhead auto body(paint started failing in one year) and Peerless did some good work on another car.

I'd recommend Wicklund Collision Center out by the zoo. Mike Wicklund is a stand up guy and does good work at a fair price.

scenic 61 auto body at mcquade harbor. Nice drive and good guy..very inexpensive. You can go over to the lakeview castle and gartman can be your server

I would avoid Abra on Central Entrance across from McDonald's. I had some work done there after an accident, and the panels they worked on began to rust less than 3 months later. They refused to even acknowledge that they might have done something wrong.

whatever you do DON'T take it to hemlock garage. I've heard more than 4 horrible stories of people getting ripped off, especially women. (I think that is what people were referring to as "that place on 4th & 4th")

I always liked the name of Hemlock Garage. I picture these weeping, wailing mechanics surrounding a noble automobile in repose as it selflessly commits suicide for the good of the state.

Or something like that.

I recommend continuing to enter through the passenger side.

Lose the drivers side window and Dukes of Hazzard it for bonus style points.

Hell, maybe I'll consider removing the door entirely. Give my car that classic "Mad Max" look.

Seriously, thanks for all the advice.

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