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Random, uncited quotes of the day

"I saw 'beyondness' as secondarily-considered 'non-such-ity" and it became otherwise. Otherwise, I would have identified nonesuch a second "beyond" consideration, beyond even seeing, as such."

"The wide expanse of your heart is not hindered by uncertain abstractions or obstructions. Nor are there fences in the open sky of your mind."

"She smiles and the doors fly open. She breathes, and the room explodes."


Rough translation into lolcat (let's say a very young kitten)...

Ther b stuff beyond. Ther b stuf beyond teh beyond stuf. Cannot seez beyond stuf. Too fast fur kitteh.

No kennel fur heart. No kennel fur mind. No fenc in skies.

Kitteh smile and door open. Kitteh hiccup, and ther be much disasturz.

Go Packers

"Go Packers"

Nom nom nom. I eated mouses. They like cheeze.

I'm sorry. Couldn't resist. I'll leave the lolcat thing alone from now on as best I can.

Cheers :)

You know, I look back on my first response and realize it looks like I'm making fun of the original post!

Is there anyone else that thinks this is cute instead of a damnation of opinion?!

I thought it was cute. Take it how you want it, I guess...

"It's not that I don't like people, it's just that I like them a lot better when they're not around."

I thought it was cute too, huitz. definitely not a damnation of opinion.

"Just put your name in the box and see what happens."



well, if you take it in that context, vicarious...



"Just put your name in the box and see what happens."

I'm not entirely certain what that means, but for the record, I'm actually homeless. But thanks for your consideration and possible vote for office.

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