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Prince: WTF?

I'm going to commit heresy, Minnesota-style, and just ask: What the hell is up with Prince?

My [admittedly Wikipedia-based] research finds the following:

+ Regarding his first album, For You: "This album had no band on it -- Prince supposedly played all 27 instruments on the album himself. Members of his band, the New Power Generation, however, say that Prince only knows how to play 25 instruments."

+ Regarding a 1980 American Bandstand appearance: "Dick Clark expressed surprise that Prince & his bandmates hailed from Minneapolis "of all places". For the rest of the interview, Prince refused to speak, instead answering questions by gesturing with his face & hands."

+ Using weird syntax: "'in its current 4m there is a feeling that the NPGMC gone as far as it can go. In a world without limitations and infinite possibilities, has the time come 2 once again make a leap of faith and begin anew? These r ?s we in the NPG need 2 answer. In doing so, we have decided 2 put the club on hiatus until further notice.'"

[All quotes from Wikipedia]

What's up with the penciled-on mustache? The story about him going door-to-door proselytizing for the Jehovah's Witness Church? That Charlie Murphy "True Hollywood Story" on The Chapelle Show?

I mean, I think "Purple Rain" is a great song, but for a Minnesotan, this behavior seems out of line.


Have you ever seen An Evening With Kevin Smith? There is a fantastic, fantastic Prince story Smith tells on there.

I thought I posted a comment here, but I'm too in my cups to be certain ...

But my question remains: If Kevin Smith -- who at best directed Clerks and put the cash up for Good Will Hunting -- has noticed that Prince is obviously weird as hell, how come Minnesota loves him so much?

Or is that the point? He's not like every other Scando, but he claims Minneapolis as his own?

prince is just weird.

I think I lost interest in his work about five and a half minutes after Purple Rain hit the stores, and I haven't really been too impressed with his body of work since. It all sounds the same.

A friend of mine used to be a cocktail waitress @ a swanky lounge down in Mpls, and said that she had Prince's table a few times. Apparently he liked her. Anyhow, you never talk to Prince. Prince's people will tell you what he wants. And you never look at Prince either. If you look at Prince, he will ask for another server.
Apparently it's the same way @ Paisley Park...if you look at Prince, you're fired.

Is it that Minnesota really loves Prince or just the metro area loves him? Or maybe it's all hype.
Other than this posting I can't recall anyone in my circles or beyond talking about Prince.
Any publicity that is put out about him is usually about some weird behavior.
I guess you take your publicity whatever way you can get it.

I never got the Prince thing, even when Purple Rain was huge. Too teeny and effeminate for my taste. Not to mention crazy and hell.

Which is why I loved the Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Story where Prince and his posse turn out to be killers on the b-ball court, even though they're dressed in their wacky clothes and high heeled shoes.

i love prince. michelle bachman is the batshit crazy douche that keeps on giving in mn.

Ummmn, I meant "crazy as hell"

I worked at Paisley Park on a couple of jobs for Prince (or the Artist Formally Known as) or as I liked to call him: "His Glyphship". In the end I had to file suit in Carver County court. A few days before the case was to come to court, someone from Paisley Park called me and said I was being sent a check. The check arrived, but I held out for the months of interest he owed me before I canceled the court appearance. A check for the interest came the next day. I used the interest to buy a table for our house. A Queen Anne table I like to call the "Prince Anne" table.

yeah, prince is nuts. but, who cares? he's an amazing musician and we're listening to his albums, not asking him to babysit our kids.

Prince is FROM Minnesota, not OF Minnesota.

Prince is FROM Minnesota, not OF Minnesota.

geniuses are generally weirdos. fame usually encourages that.

"geniuses are generally weirdos. fame usually encourages that."

and also hastens their downfall.

i guess his music got lost somewhere between Anthrax, Minor Threat and Black Flag...never really got into him.

scott ian: nuts. ian mackaye: nuts. greg ginn: nuts.

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