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Alworth Institute's Fall Programs

Dear PDD,

This is a shameless plug for our programs at the Alworth Institute, which aims to engage the community in discussion of international issues by bringing the experts to you. Below is a listing of our Fall International Lecture & Brown Bag Series. Click on the previous hyperlinks for more info about the events & speakers, as well as a listing of our spring program.

Fall 2007 International Lecture Series (at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted):

Wednesday , September 26  Dr. Marina Ottaway, Middle East Program Director, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace “The Changing Balance of Power in the Middle East: The Impact of the War in Iraq”  Chemistry 200, UMD

Wednesday, October 10  Leenco Lata “Horn of Africa”  UMD Library Rotunda

Monday, October 22  Dr. Adrian Leftwich , Politics Department, University of York (UK) “Governments and Poverty” UMD Library Rotunda

Wednesday, November 14 – Scott Laderman “Tourism and Memory in Vietnam”  UMD Library Rotunda

Friday, November 30  St. Andrew’s Night Diner at the Alworth  Dr. William Henderson “Glasgow: From Medieval to Post-Modern City”.

Fall 2007 International Brown Bag Series (Thursdays at 12 p.m.):

September 20 “ Argentina & Uruguay: Twenty-Some Years After a Return to Democracy”  Eileen Zeitz  UMD Library Rotunda

September 27th “History and Significance of Sacred Sights in Ireland” - Pauline Nuhring Continuing Education - UMD Library Rotunda

October 4 "Pedagogy and Research in Study in England - One Faculty Member’s Story”  Paula J. Pedersen  UMD Library Rotunda

October 11 “ Impact of Water Diversion on Women & Men in Central Kenya: Stories and Pictures From the Field" Njoki Kamau, Women Studies Department Head  Co-sponsored by UMD's Commission on Women – UMD Library Rotunda

October 18 – “Eldur og Is – Fire and Ice : Geology and Culture of Iceland”  Dr. Howard Mooers  UMD Library Rotunda

November 1st “ Edinburgh in the Age of Enlightenment” Dr. William Henderson, Alworth Institute Director UMD Library Rotunda

November 8  “Sewing Seeds of Resistance: Colombia Flower Unions, US Policy and the Struggle for Dignity” Lydia Lopez  UMD Library Rotunda Co-sponsored by the Hispanic/Latino/Chicana/ Learning Resourse Center

November 15  " China Perspective: UMD’s Study Chinese Language in China Program”  Dr. Zhuangyi Liu  UMD Library Rotunda

December 6  “More than a Famous Battle: Archaeological Investigations at the Ancient Town of Plataiai, Greece”  Dr. Ron Marchese  The Rafters, UMD