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This is the most amazing story I have heard in a while. Via the DNT.

'The only guy running nude in Duluth': Observation Hill couple recounts how they thwarted burglar
Mark Stodghill
Duluth News Tribune - 09/07/2007

Wayne and Kathie Boniface returned from a dinner at an Observation Hill neighbor’s home Thursday night to find a burglar in their house.

Kathie Boniface asked the burglar who he was? “I’m with the FBI and you are blowing my cover,’’ the burglar said.

When Wayne Boniface got done with the intruder, he had no cover.

The suspect ran from the home carrying less than he came with. A lot less.

Read full story here.



All I can say is "wow."

This guy totally picked on the wrong 69 year old.


i think that i saw the 'fishhook' in a movie once.

i think that i saw the 'fishhook' in a movie once.

LOL: DNT's story is so much better than the TV news reports!

There's some hilarious photos at the DNT site right now (and I assume in the print version as well).

But their house is listed as "207 West Ninth Street ... in West Duluth." Tisk, tisk.

Nothing pisses me off more than when local news types F up the boundary between West End and West Duluth. Hello????? The boundary is the damn Ore Docks, is that so hard to comprehend? Whenever we get some recent graduate from broadcast or journalism school come into town for their first job, someone ought to take them aside and explain all the neighborhood boundaries. If I had a dollar for everytime I've heard some moron on the local news talk about a "shooting in West Duluth" and then listen further and realize it actually occurred in the West End, I'd have enough for a case of beer or something.

But this isn't even West End. 207 W. 9th St. is TWO BLOCKS WEST OF LAKE.

oh I just saw Observation Hill and assumed it was West End.

'"I had my hands down his pants and grabbed his testicles and penis. He squirmed even harder" Boniface said and couldn’t resist a laugh.'

right on..i guess...

they probably will call to have this guy on with Jay Leno

Moral of the story is, don't rob the house of an apparent pervert.

That kid should have a fun time in prison when the inmates get a hold of this story. This story is just pure entertainment!!!

We all knew it would end up here, didn't we?

West End. West Duluth. Frankly, everything west of 26th Ave East is irrelevant.

I heard the guy was booked for streaking only.

My elephant? What about my elephant. My elephant doesn't live in West Duluth.

Dave, I'm assuming that your comment was meant in jest. Taking a light-hearted jab at the PDD denizens who were born and raised in West Duluth. It would not be wise to raise their ire.

Hey, it's cool you redacted the story to the basics, but could you put the entire story in the extended entry? I think it would be good to save this one for posterity and I don't trust the DNT to always have it available for free. I do trust PDD.

The DNT made us link to it. They were very nice about it but being sued would have sucked.

Starfire, what was the DNT's rationale for theur demand? You cited the source in the original post, so posting the whole article is technically legal. Just wondering...

Actually, Vicarious, is not legal at all. Even if you cite a source, you cannot republish copyrighted material in full. Simply put, you just can't.

"Fair Use" means that you can republish quotes and short exerpts from a news story for criticism and commentary, as long as you credit the source.

Ironic1's concern ("I don't trust the DNT to always have it available for free") gets to the heart of the matter. The DNT owns that story and they undoubtedly wish to sell it in the future, as is their right. By reprinting it here, we violate the fourth tenent of Fair Use under copyright law, which regards dimishing the owner's potential market for the work.

I feel so...schooled...in that "Dude, I schooooled you" sort of way. Ouch.

Yep, that makes sense to me as a writer. Doh!

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