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More pipeline talk

Following up on this previous PDD discussion...

...Enbridge pipeline is being fined for over 100 violations. More at the DNT.


so my choices are to *sigh*


or say, "suck it, eco-assholes" ?

why is that when i'm right, gloating about it just means i'm gloating about things going badly?

i'll stick with sighing a few times and going back to deep breathing exercises.

that's okay...they'll just "pass" the "savings" on to us.

Wow, I didn't see the post from July. What a crazy-ass plan.
I vote for no pipeline! And you know what? My vote counts as extra-special, because a god-damned pipeline blew up my neighborhood!

For the record: Melonhead never defended pipelines or the companies that build them. Melonhead merely pointed out that driving a car to the grocery doesn't make someone an eco-asshole. Melonhead does not appreciate the insinuation that he is a 'neocon.' Melonhead doesn't care much for either political party, or the two-party system for that matter. Melonhead is actually a very enlightened individual who thinks discussions on this site could benefit from opinions that are obviously not popular with many readers. Melonhead thought this site was for everyone, and he cried a single tear when he read all the Carla bashing a few weeks back, though he does not know who Carla is or how she votes. Melonhead does not think name-calling helps anything...you dicks.

Even if Melonhead were an eco-asshole he would suck nothing you offer.

you're such a melonhead.

have a lolly.

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