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Misunderstood Quote

On Sunday, the Duluth News Tribune published a feature story on the recent rampage in the Boundary Waters. The story was about the historic tensions between tourists who want to canoe in silence, and locals who were forced to stop using motorized boats when the area became an official Wilderness in 1978.

To point out a possible connection between this old feud and the men who terrorized campers last month, the DNT pulls a quote from one of the goofballs' MySpace:

On his MySpace page, Travis John Erzar describes himself as a “motor boatin son of a [expletive].”

Yeah ... uh ... that's not really a quote about motorized watercraft, as much as an often-quoted line from the movie Wedding Crashers referring to ... uh ... a different kind of "motorboating."

Every 19-year-old in northern Minnesota is laughing their ass off right now.


"Motorboating" is still an ironic choice of words considering what went down. Otherwise I applaud the reporter for never bothering to watch "Wedding Crashers."

Fuckheads had it coming (just like OJ).

Having lived there a while, and knowing the families of some of these kids, this isn't terribly far from average Friday activities (probably just a few more drinks and a little more ammo than usual). A lot of residents in Ely are a few tiers lower in perception (and intelligence) than the rest of the population it seems. I know people that refer to the trailer park there as "Little Africa" due to proximity to the college, which is where the only minorities to speak of reside. Such ignorance... but some kids haven't had the opportunity to step foot outside of the Iron Range. I think they simply aren't aware of what the world is actually like because they're in a veritable bubble.

If only northern MN rural areas had more to offer youngsters other than miles and miles of pristine forest and bathtubs full of amateur speed concoctions, you know, a reason to want to be an upstanding citizen...

And violating the regulations of the Boundary Waters is something that is revered. Its a challenge and a thrill to get away with riding an ATV there.

Ouch, that Myspace page is a train wreck if ever there was one.

heh, imagine that, a Grandmom saying her Grandson doesn't act like that around her.

Professor here. This really pisses me off, the attempt to say in some way that "boys will be boys" or that "if only the boundary waters hadn't been created" or "they were good people who made the wrong choice on the spur of the moment" like I read in the DNT. Spur of the moment? Didn't the ordeal last like 6 hours? Here's what I want to know: did the women in these men's lives ever tell them it wasn't okay to threaten to rape children and other people? Is this an example of the "responsible gun culture" of the Northern outdoorsman? Is this what they teach you in Lutheran school? Is compassion not a virtue in our culture, and if so, how did it fail to get communicated to these guys? If it were me and my daughter that had been terrorized, I'd say throw the book at them, none of this "I hope they aren't railroaded" like I read in the DNT. They railroaded themselves. If these rednecks are good people, they will have to prove it to society after a lengthy, well-deserved jail sentence.

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