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It's Time!


I just want to encourage everyone, even Carla, to get out and vote today. We usually have a lower turnout for city primaries, hopefully this heated mayoral race raises it up a bit.

I would especially like to remind all the Ness supporters on the board to make sure you get out and vote. While Don may be one of the leading candidates, there is no guarantee he's going to make it through today. He really needs every single vote today in order to make it to November. So if you know anyone who is supporting Don but just figures they'll wait until November to vote for him, drag them to the polls. If you don't know where to vote here's a link


Nice pinup. Gil Elvgren was from Minnesota, BTW.

Motivates me to vote.

Gives me all sorts of patriotic feelings. Makes me want to be an upright citizen and rise to the occassion.

I don't get the Santa Claus and eye thing on the poster.

Well, Berv, obviously "Santa" is an anagram of "Satan" and also represents rampant consumerism. The all seeing eye represents the Illuminati which seeks worldwide domination. Therefore we vote in order to feel like we are doing something within a world that is rigged spiritually, economically, and politically.

Or something like that.

have another bong hit , ironic 1

I'm guessing he was joking, donb. Now that we've all used each other's names in our comments, lets go shotgun some beers behind the garage.

I'm sorry. I forgot to add the obligatory ;) to show how I'm really feeling.


Can we still head out behind the garage?

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