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Final wow at the WoW


I can't believe World of Wheels is closing right before National Rolling Skating Month. Oh, well. It was good while it lasted.








Great post - great pics - a lot of people showed up last night which was good -if only every Wed could have been like that - fell on my ass twice (2nd time not my fault - yea right)which hardly ever happens so maybe that's a sign?! A sign for what I don't know.

I liked how one of the owners' kids brought his dog in with him & how the dog howled to some of the disco songs

Anyway, thanks for the post - you & your group looked like you were having a good time too.


Last night was a blast. Funny how hardly any of the picture snapping folks were actual regulars. can't say i recognized anyone in the pics and i was a regular for two years strong.

okay my post was bitter. but it was a tough saying goodbye to the rink last night while constantly running into folks snapping and staging pictures.

Because really it's all about capturing the moment, so that it can be posted on PDD, or myspace, rather then just enjoying it.

Too bad they didn't have Wi-fi. We could have played WoW at the final wow at WoW.


So what will they replace WOW with. Something Superior really needs....

A. Bar
B. Cheesy Dance Club
C. Tavern

D. Leave it a vacant for another 50 years, finally decide to tear it down, only to run into opposition from a citizen supported "STWOWB" (uhh, that's Save The World Of Wheels Building) who want to turn it into museum.

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