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Fifth-best Nonchalant Jaunt ever!


Although Zoey (far left) had been with me on three of the past four Nonchalant Jaunts, the rest of the crew were rookies. Chris, John, Anna and Anthony faced the challenge head-on and emerged as champions.

Things looked bleak in the beginning, with only three jaunters showing up. I crawled into a tube of despair.

NonchalantJaunt02.JPG NonchalantJaunt02b.JPG

But Zoey got on the phone and rounded up two recruits. We went to the Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe for coffee, where John met us. Then we went to the Lake Superior Marine Museum to watch an inspirational movie about bulk loading iron ore.

NonchalantJaunt03.JPG NonchalantJaunt04.JPG NonchalantJaunt05.JPG

After stopping at Zoey's for cookies and muffins, we were ready to go with our final recruits, Chris and Anthony. It was already after noon, but we finally made it to the beach. Our initial jaunt was short, however. We soon had to stop to eat Marc Gartman's cookies and drink Shanna Willie's beer.

NonchalantJaunt06.JPG NonchalantJaunt07.JPG

Eventually, the jaunt gained momentum. We passed the wicked crucifix bush, had an impromptu volleyball game, dug various trenches, teased John about his Aiwa fanny pack ... it was all coming together.

NonchalantJaunt08.JPG NonchalantJaunt09.JPG

Victory was ours when we reached the end of Minnesota Point and gave Wisconsin the bird.

NonchalantJaunt10.JPG NonchalantJaunt11.JPG

Following the jaunt, we went to the Anchor Bar, where all good days reach their climax.


Hooray for the januters!

Thanks for all the fun pix.

I was with everyone in spirit!
There's more than just burgers on the Anchor Bar website.

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