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Duluth News Tribune Lets Everyone Win!

DNT reports dead even TIE at 22% of voters.

Congratulations Don Ness and Charlie Bell for moving on to the heavyweight bout.



Note that says with only 4 of 36 precincts reporting.

Even though 8 out of 36 is 22% that's misleading. Can't trust computers with elections. Perhaps Diebold has something to do with this.

do you suppose that Carla and her crew will step up and help out, now that there are just two contestents? or do you suppose that they will just take their ball and go home?

well gang, it's a pickup game of ball... and you're welcome to continue to participate...


Well, they've taken down that incorrect piece of code now.

Thanks for the laugh!

I'm not on Carla's crew, but I have no intention of voting for either of these two for Mayor. Seems like you might have that Gore/Kerry view that candidates are entitled to people's votes whether they're respected or not.

Who is Carla and why are her supporters such haters?

What eco eco said. I feel exactly the same way. My candidate got stomped last night, but whether I even bother voting for mayor in Nov. depends on whether I feel that either candidate deserves my vote. Contrary to what the pundits are saying this morning, Don doesn't have a lock on the votes of those of us who supported Greg Gilbert, Meg Bye, or Herb Bergson. He's got to earn it.

Actually, Claire, I'd distinguish your position from eco eco's in that you are willing to listen and possibly be convinced to support Don (or, I suppose in fairness, Bell) where as eco eco has seemingly already made up his/her mind.

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