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Congratulations, Donny!

Donny Mammoths

Donny Kong

Donny Monet

I can't possibly explain to you how much fun this was.


no need to explain...those are hilarious.

oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the mastodon play...

Bwahaha! Very funny!

I was going to suggest a caption contest for that particular pose of the Don's, and I may still, but this is hilarious.

Congratulations Donny.

I told Don several months ago that he needed to ditch that photo. "Donny," I said. "Mark my words, if you keep using that photo, someone is going place it into a picture of wooly mammoths."

Maybe NOW he'll listen.

Mayoral Job #1:

Wooly Mammoth Cloning.

Wooly Mammoth Public Transportation.

Wooly Mammoth Health Care for LIFE!

My vision must be getting worse. Are those wolly mammoths or simply Charlie Bell's constituents?

My vision must be getting worse. Are those wolly mammoths or simply Charlie Bell's constituents? (ancient and smelly)

Someone's testy....

I specifically like the one of him laughing in the face of Kong.

Yeah. You show that monkey, donny.

I love it!
I suggest we call that pose "the mammoth". Bold, strong, staring down the impending ice age that is to be Duluth finances...

I don't think those are mammoths. I think they are mastodons which is Barret's play on "Master Don." Yes?

Yeah, I think maybe they are mastodons, not mammoths. But I don't know for sure.

I didn't intend any kind of hidden message in any of the pictures. I was just having fun.

As I was posting the pictures, though, I did get the idea that people would interpret the mastodons as ancient elephants, and in that respect, old republicans, since the elephant is the republican mascot. I didn't mean it that way, though. I just saw the picture on my computer screen, and saw the pic of Donny on his flyer, and thought it would be funny to merge the two.

Barrett, I really didn't think it was intentional. I was just having a bit of fun.


Barret, that one sure makes more sense to me than the 'snakes and turtles "Music Festival" flyer..spermy!!!

Those are mammoths, probably Imperial or Columbian. But I'm not sure how you tell the difference, probably by teeth or size.

i'm actually liking the Manet at the bottom...Don looks so at peace...so serene...makes me want to...vote for him.

everything's gonna be okay...don's here...

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