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So back in 1991 or 92 America's Funniest People filmed a few episodes in Duluth. I worked on the North Shore Scenic Railroad at the time and was featured twice. One time I was doing the hokey pokey on the train and another my friend Karin and I were rapping some Raven Simone song in the cab of the locomotive. I think I am saying, "check out my crew while I rap to this!" Why am I sharing this you may ask?
Does anyone still have those episodes on tape? I know lots of Duluth people were featured and I was thinking maybe, just maybe someone has those episodes. We taped them at the time but I lost a lot of old VHS tapes when my mom's house burned down.
SO. Anyone else on those episodes?

While we're at it-anyone still have any old tapes of my radio show on KUMD? I am trying to round those up too. It was Laurie and the Freak Show, mainly on Saturday nights. I only seem to have one show left-my tribute to Timothy Leary.


Sorry I don't have any archives for ya, but I still miss your show!

I saw that episode! This Karin you speak of is my sister. I have no tapes. Good luck!

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