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Say, has anyone seen my assault rifle?

I've been known to misplace my house keys and even my winter gloves, but they always seem to come back to me...unlike the U.S. Government who, in Iraq can't seem to locate about 190,000 AK47 Rifles and pistols that were supposed to be issued to the Iraqi police forces.

The article also gos on to say that over a quarter million (say it with me: "mmmmmmiiilllliiiooooooonnnn") pieces of body armor are also missing.

Any guesses as to where those rifles and kevlar vests are now?


What's neocon for "oops?"

Oh wait, being neocon means you never having to say "I'm sorry."

What's neocon for "oops?"

Oh wait, being neocon means never having to say "I'm sorry."

i'm not sure what an AK goes for on the market, but a hundred thousand of them going missing sounds like a lot of money pissed away.

damn, I guess it's time to clean out the garage

lessee...neocon for "oops," I believe is to blame it on someone or something else...a favorite scapegoat in this situation would be the Democratic controlled congress, who is unpatriotically trying to tie the hands of our military by cutting funding to purchase the weapons and equipment they need to fight the war on terror in Iraq.

Anyone know how many outlets announce American deaths in Iraq anymore? If dying for ones country is such an honor, why is it wrong to inform the public as to how many have had that honor?

Dang. I'd like an AK47 and a couple pistols.

Maybe I can write GW and he'll send me one.

That'd be cool. We neocons are gonna need something if it becomes necessary to start shooting Democrats.

(Kidding. Don't flame me.)

you get a free AK with every submission to the citizens blog

Well, we may not be getting the guns back, but our troops are recovering the bullets... one.bullet.at.a.time...

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