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Lubricating our County Commish

CandDennisFink.jpgYou know, when I'm vouchering for a business trip I always have to ask myself - Are in-room pornos and lubrication reimbursible? Apparently Duluth's County Commisioner, Dennis Fink, thinks so.

From the Timberjay:

The Fink investigation, released to the Timberjay on Wednesday, details a number of incidents in which Fink’s secretary indicates she was subjected to sexual comments or ogled by Fink or others in his presence.

While the secretary had sought intervention from another commissioner several years ago, she indicated in her statements that the behavior continued.

The incident which finally precipitated the complaint occurred in March, 2007, after Fink had returned from a county-sponsored trip to Washington D.C. According to the report, Fink handed his secretary some receipts for reimbursement, including a grocery receipt that included a sexual lubricant and another hotel receipt that indicated Fink had ordered a sexually explicit movie.

The secretary said it was unusual for the commissioner to provide such receipts, since they weren’t reimburseable. Commissioners typically are reimbursed for daily expenses through a per diem, which does not require receipts.

According to the investigation, Fink inquired the next day as to whether his secretary had all the receipts she needed. She said she ignored his comment, but believed that the commissioner was trying to get a reaction from her due to the nature of the receipts.

Fink, in his statement, said the receipts had been given to his secretary in error, and were not intended to harass her.

He further denied making any of the sexual references reported by his secretary or having ogled her.


that all depends on what your definition of "is" is...

you have to copy paste the links to make them work it seems.
http://northernmnnews.com/Raukar Investigation.pdf

http://northernmnnews.com/Fink Investigation.pdf

wonder if this fella's got kids...and if he's got kids, i wonder if he's aware of the impact that his behavior has on them.

Nice role model for your son there, Dennis.

Teaching your daughter what her place in life is...that's just great.

Fink Investigation

I got the above link to work but I couldn't get the Rauker Investigation link that Entwife gave to work.

Having read through the Fink report (not thoroughly) it just made me sad for all involved.

PAVSA is organizing a response to the harassment and subsequent response by the Commission to vote against censure. A meeting will be held next Thursday at 8am at the Building for Women. Interested citizens can also attend the commission meeting at the Duluth courthouse on September 4.

Highlights: page 01 – 27

Complaintant sick for two days, mentioned sore mouth and throat. Fink: "Maybe you have herpes."

"You look foxy today."

"Do you have all the reciepts you need?" -- KY Sensual Warming Lubricant.

Might I suggest that all those that are able to, come to the next meeting of the County Comish's on September 4th at 9 am on the second floor of the courthouse in downtown Duluth. It's amazing how scummy little assholes can also be spineless when people are ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION.

Unless, of course, you're one of Nelson's buddies and you support slavery.

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