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Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis UPDATED

Sounds pretty bad.

UPDATE: And here is the predictable conspiracy theory following in its wake (no endorsement implied).


spooky...channel 3 dropped all programming right away at 6:30 to cover the story, followed by channel 6 a few mins after, then 10/13 around 6:45 and finally FAUX bringing up the rear at over an hour after the incident.

and as of now, no serious casualties...no fatalities.

The Department of Homeland Security is stating that it was not a terrorist attack, although the code alert was briefly raised to orange from yellow but is now back down to yellow for the national threat level. (the aircraft warnings remain at orange.)

There has just been a report of seven people dead.

All I have to say is that the rescue teams appear to be doing an amazing job and the hundreds of volunteers coming to help certainly puts faith back into the "Minnesota nice" ideal.

watching with great interest down here in the twities. they just confirmed 6 deaths.

I seem to have missed something. I was trying to find anything about it on the local news, and I couldn't find a single damn thing that lasted longer than like three minutes... I ended up watching on CNN. I started at about 7.

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