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Sign of the Times...


"the first thing you have to do is quit your job. I don't worry much about the future. There isn't going to be one if we don't do something."

--Patrick "Randal"...former English teacher @ SDSU turned progenitor of freewayblogger.com


Don't forget our good ol' freedom-loving friends over there at the Duluth Citizen's Blog. Including such recent gems:

If there is one thing Duluth needs this election, is to keep the DFL out of office. It has been too long, even in the Doty years and before that this thinking has deteriorate our fine city. The DFL party needs to know that issues they fight for are worthless and just part of life.

Take that living wage fight 10 years ago. Come on DFL, there are losers in life. Some people are not worth even a living wage. They are lazy, fat and dumb. People, like myself with an education deserve more money than some lazy guy working at a Quickie Mart does. Sure they cry for affordable health care to that I say dont drink and smoke and work out like me fools. Bottom line for a living wage and affordable health care, only people like me deserve this. Plus, I never use my insurance, because I take care of myself, some people out there need to learn this.

Taking down the 10 commandments a few years back shows that we in Duluth are on a path towards destruction. Our Founding Fathers all believed in freedom of religion, but the one with GOD. NOT Allah, or Buddha or and other fake deity, I checked into this. To take down Gods words from public display was wrong and I bet God will punish this city. I do think people of different religions or none at all are a threat to our great country. Just look at 911 for a good example. The DFL likes to be in bed with these people and I question how many more 911s do we need before the DFL wakes up.

These great benefits the city hands out to the employees is another joke the DFL is on. It would be great to have all my medical bills paid for by the taxpayers of our city until we die. Let us face the truth. As we get older, the cost to keep us alive goes up. Why should my tax dollars perhaps, pay for someones well being, when I may need the money down the road? These police and fire fighters and whom ever else got a nice ride thanks to poor leadership in the past, without vision. The same could be said about a national health care system. For me to have my tax dollars cover some fool out there, without insurance is wrong. If they cant afford insurance, tough. That is survival of the fittest. Only the fit should be living anyhow, that is Gods plan. Its in the Bible for those who can read.

Adam Smith, the 18th century economist said that an invisible hand moves this economy. One day many of the poor people in this city will quit breeding, seeing that the welfare laws have changed and yes the cost of raising kids being the factor. This has happened in Russia, France and Japan. Sure they may have a problem with their population base and future support of their economy, yet they dont have many poor people because there are JOBS and they have socialized medicine.

Go away DFL or get your head out of the sand. Quit worrying about the drunks, that union running our city and social issues that cant be solved. Sure some people suffer in life, but God will take care of them in heaven. Its in the Bible.

Happy 4th and let the freedoms we have shine.

I think we should host some kind of "Take a Bigot Out to Lunch" event or something.

this guy has to be kidding. right? this is a joke? well, i, for one, feel better knowing cancer and car accidents are caused by lack of exercise.

" To take down Gods words from public display was wrong and I bet God will punish this city. I do think people of different religions or none at all are a threat to our great country."

i'm getting that shit tattooed across my back.

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