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Protest at City Hall this Tuesday (7/17) at 4:20pm!!


For Immediate Release
From: the Mr. Nice For Mayor Campaign

July 17, 4:20pm Protest at City Hall:
Let Mr. Nice on the Ballot!!

Mid-late afternoon on Friday the 13th, 2007, the Mr. Nice Campaign called the City Clerk’s office of Duluth, MN and inquired about getting on the Mayoral ballot. The nice lady who answered the phone said he’d have to talk to her boss, Jeff Cox, but that he was taking a “very late lunch.” The Nice Campaign called Mr. Cox back after an hour.

And here is where Cox committed the act which propels this race for Mayor into the slime of political gamesmanship: we were told it was “not appropriate” for our candidate, the only blue candidate, to be allowed on the ballot. We were told it would detract from the office. The unspoken implication was that if Mr. Nice showed his face in the City Clerk’s office and tried to exercise his constitutional rights, that he would be immediately killed.

Mr. Nice fulfills ALL the requirements for being on the ballot: he is over 21 and a citizen of Duluth.

Mr. Nice’s sensational proposals to legalize gangsterism in order to fund more police to keep our communities safer, and to sell fighter jet parts from the air base to Iran to offset the retiree healthcare crisis, have led to a vast centrist conspiracy which intends to keep the people’s candidate off the ballot!

Like Hell They Will!

Mr. Nice will be assembling a vast army of chubby white Lutherans to celebrate our outrage at 4:20 PM on Tuesday, July 17th 2007, at the base of the flag by the fountain in front of City Hall!

Be a part of this action! Free “Mr. Nice For Mayor” T-shirts will be provided (while supplies last) and protest signs will be available.

Mr. Nice has proven he is the candidate who can solve the problems that plague our city. He is the Action Candidate with the “New Freshness Plan.” NOW do you want Nice on the Ballot?

Keep track of the campaign and get involved at www.myspace.com/mrniceformayor


Hello third grade.

I know you are but what am I?


Will there be cookies? I will only come if there are cookies.


We will be serving "crackers."

crackers serving crackers. go figure.




although not quite as cool as Abbie Hoffman pissing on the pentagon.

How about a felt puppet dry humping the 10 commandments monument?

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