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Along with the warm weather comes long days with stolen boat keys. Damn those border collies are cute..and way to friggan smart. My dog just made this months cover of MNdog. We can use the talent fee for the volvo she drove down the ski jump last winter.


I like how he/she is correctly scanning the horizon for other water craft.

i see that her life jacket is improperly fastened to seat behind her and she does not appear to be sitting on a flotation cushion. as any proper duluth citizens blogger should do, i'm calling the dnr, and fbi, and cia, and the taliban.

Scout is an olympic swimmer but you are correct, proper boating regulations are NOT being followed

I enjoy how the cover continually changes over the course of this morning!

the boat's DIW...no churn aft of the transom where the motor hangs and no break from the bow...which would run almost parallel to the boat's direction of travel, visible on either side of the gunwhales.

zra, what are you saying? No likee scout's boat? Are you dissing my image manipulation skillz? I dont understand...yeah...well there aint no churn aft of your transom either! FYI, the boat was DOCKED for the picture I cloned out and added the wake using The GIMP....sheesh picky picky picky

sorry sorry...

in reality it's a charming picture...

all that's lacking is Lydia in a captain's hat pointing the way...

I think you have stellar image mani skills. As a fellow dog lover, your doggie looks damn happy to be touring on that craft. One smart doggie! With a nice smile as well..

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