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July 31, 2007

Neal and Katy are coming to town


The 2007 Geek Prom King and Queen, Neal Spinler and Katy Haugland, will be in Duluth on Friday for Geeks Gone Wild. They'll be the stars of a dollar dance to raise dough for the persecuted streakers.

Budgeteer story here.

July 30, 2007

I need a hat

Does anyone have a hat like this that I could have. Ya know the 50's style derby dress hat? Let me know moeview (at) gmail

Last Roar T-shirts

Last Roar by the Shore t-shirts available at Starfire Screen Printing and select Red Lion shows in August. Ten bucks. S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Girly shirts in the works.


DTA - Googlefied

transit_labs_hp_logo.gifDuluth is one of the 12 US cities on the new Google transit, complete with timetables and maps. Could be fun to try.

My pal Fuzzy in Chicago sent this to me specifically for posting on perfectduluthday. See? We're famous. Personally, I think he's just envious because Chicago is not one of the 12 cities.

July 29, 2007

who's the biggest dick in duluth?

let's see if we can come up with a list of potential names and qualifications.

let the sociological study begin.

Proposed Contest


DNT made some hay about the mayoral candidates websites.
Looking at them, except for Wrekt, which isn't really mayoral, they're sorta bland (including the one I made).
So how about we up the ante and get in a little contest of our own?
Donny? Ozone? Robert?
What do you think?

July 28, 2007

at the ghetto spur

from a woman having difficulty putting her gas station hot dog in a bun, to her male friend:

"so, did i tell you that my sister-in-law is in jail? ... yeah. and my brother-in-law left me."

July 27, 2007

Stay in Duluth, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please!!!?!


Come on, people. Here is an idea: it's schlocky boosterism like this that makes individuals not feel bad about leaving. You make us all look like rubes. Making fun of Blaine and traffic and your parents coming to visit?? Well, shit--maybe I should reconsider and just stay in Duluth, then. I have a couple ideas where the Northland's Changing Workforce could start. I'm not asking for just-like-downtown, but, err... credibility and more pro-here and less anti-there would seem to me to be a direction worth looking at. (I do like the washed out color effect, though.)

Bright Lights, Big City?

Uh, did anyone else notice a fairly massive police presence at Portland Square Park last night around 3:00 a.m.? What I thought was heat lightning turned out to be cruisers prowling 4th and 5th Streets with their searchlights on, presumably looking for Person or Persons Unknown...

July 26, 2007

Mr. Nice Campaign Announcement Video at Free Range Film Fest

The Campaign missed the deadline to get in the program, but as a service to the voters, the civic-minded folks at Free Range Film are going to squeeze it in around 4:00pm on Saturday, right before or after the Low video. Let the candidate speak, City Hall!

DNT Poll Hack (Not Rly)

The DNT lists all of their polls the same way in numbered sequence. Not something terribly naughty to be able to mess with, but interesting to go back in time and look at all the old poll questions without having to surf multiple, multiple web pages.


Replace the last number with an earlier number of your choice and see what you find..

Starts at 01 then to triple digits.

(Note: if you take the poll, you'll only see the results--which are probably more useful--but be aware of the Observer Effect.)

"As only drunken soldiers can..."

Reminder : ßŐC PÅŘŦŶ 6:00 at Carmody and the Fair Friday night! Only $6 plus free T-shirt and CD to first 10 arrivals.

A lot going on Friday night, but....


After everything else, come on down to hear Devil's Flying Machine & My Two Toms (from Bristol, UK), w/special guests: The Get Up Johns. Hear My Two Toms (on their debut tour of USA) how they should be heard - on a decent p.a. system - and find out where the original inspiration for Devil's Flying Machine came from (My Two Toms = two great musicians from Bristol that make incredible music. Devil's Flying Machine = drunk, over-caffeinatted hillbillies trying to make music like My Two Toms). Luce, Friday, 10 pm. Hope to see you there!

July 24, 2007

Snakes, Films and a Barn

A film? Did you know there was a film? Yep... no worries... you don't even have to know how to read...

That poor Loki... he was trying to put up an image... to encourage you to attend the uber-cool Free Range Film Fest... It's being held in Wrenshall... yep... in a barn. This coming Friday and Saturday (July 27/28, 2007)... check the website for the schedule...


but kinda dorked the image... here, let me help...


You've seen the show... now come see the film... The Snakes kick ass. Hansi kicks ass. The Barn and the Film Fest kick ass. Oh... and Brad Nelson? He's OK too...

The Many Faces of Sherman

Sherman1a.JPG Sherman2b.JPG Sherman3c.JPG Sherman4d.JPG

July 23, 2007

Calling all Fire Spinners

fire spinner2.jpg
Perhaps you,ve seen it done before, perhaps your interested in trying it out. and maybe, just maybe one or more of you out there in cyber land know how to spin poi, staff, hula hoop, meteorite (please oh please). I love to spin and want more of you out there to join me. I'm thinking about starting a practice group out on the beach one night a week (possible wednesdays) for all of my friends and yet unmet friends who would like to learn or teach. I spin poi but there has got to be a staff spinner out there somewhere. All I can say is Got any fuel?
ps any drummers or outdoor musicians should also reply!

Tutorial: Posting Pictures on PDD

Here's a little guide to posting photos on this blog.

You can find the basics here in this tutorial.

But what if you have a picture that is over 500 pixels wide? One solution is to make a "Popup Image" instead of an Embedded Image. This will provide a text link to the image and it will open in a new window.

But suppose you want to do an embedded image, like I have here, that's too large...

<img src="http://archive.perfectduluthday.com/chesterparkfairy.jpg"width="800" height="500" />


This image is too large for the blog frame and so you can't see the right most part of it. When I look at the code it shows that the width is 800 pixels. The frame can only hold about 500 pixels so I can reduce the width to 500 to make it fit.

<img src="http://archive.perfectduluthday.com/chesterparkfairy.jpg"width="500" height="500" />


Oops! I forgot to adjust the height as well. You could do some basic ratios and figure out what 800:500::500:### is, but who wants to do math? The simplest thing to do is just to eliminate the height and it will constrain proportions so that it auto-adjusts. I'll do that here.

<img src="http://archive.perfectduluthday.com/chesterparkfairy.jpg"width="500" />


There we go. Another solution is just to put "100%" in for the width and it will auto-adjust to any frame it is in. I'll do that here.

<img src="http://archive.perfectduluthday.com/chesterparkfairy.jpg"width="100%" />


Sometimes you want to have a smaller photo to accompany a story. You can adjust your photos to whatever width you want, making them smaller or, if needed, larger. Making photos larger is not recommended though as they will lose resolution.

<img src="http://archive.perfectduluthday.com/chesterparkfairy.jpg"width="200" align="right" hspace="10" />

chesterparkfairy.jpgI can align the photo right or left by just typing align="right" or align="left" into the img html. This isn't as hard as it sounds and it can make your post look very nice having text wrap around the photo. I did the photo to the right by using align="right". I also put in the img html hspace="10". This creates a horizontal buffer of 10 pixels on either side of the photo.

<img src="http://archive.perfectduluthday.com/chesterparkfairy.jpg"width="200" align="left" />

chesterparkfairy.jpgI aligned this photo to the left and didn't use the hspace on this photo and you can see what happens. The text can butt right up against the photo and sometimes it makes the text difficult to read. When you use align="left" or align="right" it is a good precaution to also use hspace="#".

Happy picture posting!

Another candidate to consider...

Front Panel City Hall.jpg

Fellow PDDers – I’ve resisted any blatant self-promotion of my campaign on this site… until now. Once Gremmels got in the race, I knew I had to pick up the slack. We’ve got the web page, the myspace page, and the blog all in hopes of enticing you, the tech savvy voter. Turns out, you need to promote those things to get folks to check it out.

I’ve got a bunch of interesting ideas for you to consider while making your choice for mayor. But there is one area of particular interest that I’d like to focus on – my support of the local arts community. Many of you know that I was festival director for Homegrown over the past two years, but my support of the arts goes well beyond that...

I was a founding member of the MAC, a long-time board member of Renegade, and I’m working on some exciting projects with the Zeppa Foundation, plus a couple dozen other projects that I’ve supported and worked on over the past decade. I am simply amazed by all of the incredible talent we have here in Duluth - I've seen my role has as simply promoting and celebrating that talent, whenever possible.

One initiative I would promote as Mayor would be to establish a local “Arts Authority” that would be funded through a “1% for the arts” levy. It’s time that we move beyond lip service about our support of the arts. For example, the authority could support capital improvements to local venues like Sacred Heart, the Art Institute in Lincoln Park, and Dick’s basement (ok, I’m not sure if we could swing that last one) so that arts organizations could focus their energy on programming and supporting artists, rather than on leaky roofs and crumbling buildings.

We’re looking for help and support in this campaign. If you’re interested in helping out, or willing to take a lawn sign to show support, drop me a line at at this address. See you around.


Cross Country with the Snakes at Free Range Film Fest

Cross Country with the Snakes FINAL 010017;27.jpg
Sorry for the bad Jpeg but if you like the Black Eyed Snakes you should check out the short film I just finished. It will show for the first time in public at the Free Range Film Fest, this Friday at about 9am, check the schedule. The barn is big but it fill up early! Hope the show on Sat lived up to its usual reputation! Looking at the last post it looks like it did!

July 22, 2007

His name is Chickenbone George


Side by Side by Sondheim

Since the local paper has abdicated its role of informing the public about the local arts scene, we apparently need to do it for them. I'll spare you a lot of details designed to maximize column inches and link to the essential details right off the mark: Side by Side by Sondheim

Don't let the word "opera" scare you. Or "Broadway" either. It's fun as well as good.

The work itself is something I did as a lark with a group of friends as community theater long ago, it's that accessible. But this production will pull together both local and international talent for a rare treat in a relaxing atmosphere. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Summer Vacation


We went on vacation and this is what we saw.

July 20, 2007

That Sneaky Son of a Bitch


On Your Feet or On Your Knees


Blue Oyster Cult Head of the Lakes Fair, Friday, July 27th 8pm. Free with Admission ($6)!

Oh, come on lady! That's easy!


Did anyone see that Duluth was the answer to a final puzzle on "Wheel of Fortune" this week with the clue "on the map"?

It was funny because the contestant only had two letters to guess with, making it pretty much impossible, but anyone from Duluth could figure it out instantly.

_ _ L _ T _

Say people, knock off the noise


July 19, 2007

Fly High Duluth

Quick, Somebody Lend Me $20,000

Or, Oh, Mr. Turing, your work was not in vain..


Genuine WWII German ENIGMA cyper machine on sale now!

July 18, 2007

How Do They Do It?

July 17, 2007

DNT poll - let's flood it

MrNice_300px.jpgMr. Nice is the subject of a DNT article and poll today. On the main page you can find the article about how Mr. Nice is trying to gain access to the ballot and you can find a poll which asks the question: "Would you vote for a puppet?" As if we've never elected a puppet before!

While I was writing this it was reported on MPR as well.

July 16, 2007



Insert Hell-Themed Pun Here

Just back from a walk on the Canal and Hell's Kitchen is finally open, and looking surprisingly intimate, if dungeony, inside...

Urban Dictionary Slams Duluth

1. Duluth

A Cold ass town on a hill where you can't get lost. All you have to do is pop the clutch and let the car coast and you'll find your way to Lake Superior. The two major Duluthian Pasttimes are Getting Drunk and Getting Frostbite.

On a scale of 1 to useless, Duluth ranks about a 'Pauli Shore.'
Pauli Shore!!!?? -- Isn't that some sort of fighting words?
There is more at www.urbandictionary.com

All in the name of charity


Details here.

July 15, 2007

Protest at City Hall this Tuesday (7/17) at 4:20pm!!


For Immediate Release
From: the Mr. Nice For Mayor Campaign

July 17, 4:20pm Protest at City Hall:
Let Mr. Nice on the Ballot!!

Mid-late afternoon on Friday the 13th, 2007, the Mr. Nice Campaign called the City Clerk’s office of Duluth, MN and inquired about getting on the Mayoral ballot. The nice lady who answered the phone said he’d have to talk to her boss, Jeff Cox, but that he was taking a “very late lunch.” The Nice Campaign called Mr. Cox back after an hour.

And here is where Cox committed the act which propels this race for Mayor into the slime of political gamesmanship: we were told it was “not appropriate” for our candidate, the only blue candidate, to be allowed on the ballot. We were told it would detract from the office. The unspoken implication was that if Mr. Nice showed his face in the City Clerk’s office and tried to exercise his constitutional rights, that he would be immediately killed.

Mr. Nice fulfills ALL the requirements for being on the ballot: he is over 21 and a citizen of Duluth.

Mr. Nice’s sensational proposals to legalize gangsterism in order to fund more police to keep our communities safer, and to sell fighter jet parts from the air base to Iran to offset the retiree healthcare crisis, have led to a vast centrist conspiracy which intends to keep the people’s candidate off the ballot!

Like Hell They Will!

Mr. Nice will be assembling a vast army of chubby white Lutherans to celebrate our outrage at 4:20 PM on Tuesday, July 17th 2007, at the base of the flag by the fountain in front of City Hall!

Be a part of this action! Free “Mr. Nice For Mayor” T-shirts will be provided (while supplies last) and protest signs will be available.

Mr. Nice has proven he is the candidate who can solve the problems that plague our city. He is the Action Candidate with the “New Freshness Plan.” NOW do you want Nice on the Ballot?

Keep track of the campaign and get involved at www.myspace.com/mrniceformayor



July 14, 2007

Google is so droll


Yard For Sale...


What: Yard Sale
When: Saturday, July 14 & Sunday, July 15 from 8AM-4PM
Where: 1121 E 6th St

Lots of baby girl clothing (0-12 months), grownup people clothing, books galore, kitchen items and random furniture!

Stop by and say hi!

July 13, 2007

FREE Show tomorrow evening!

I'm just sayin...

This pic taken this afternoon as the CG Cutter made a nice slow drift down the point lingering over the newly discover "wreck". I posted this before for the google earth cover up evidence. Really now...you cant tell me they're really just barrels of hand gernade parts.

Saturday, The Red Lion

This line up is the best line up that ever lined up.

Set times:

Circa A.M. : 9
The Surfactants : 10:30
International ESPIONAGE!: 11:30

Circa will pummel you. The Surfactants will challenge you. IE! will make you dance like a crazed Splinter Cell agent.

We hope to have the new The Surfactants album available for purchase at the show.

We will probably not be playing in Duluth for some time after this. Not that we'd turn down a good show if someone offered...

July 12, 2007

...and these days you can write all over the walls...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A Friend In Need (Is A Friend, Indeed)

I normally wouldn't post something like this here, but I thought it would be a really good resource in this case. This is for a friend, not myself. If you can help out or know someone who can, just comment! Thanks, guys.

For 4-6 weeks, i'm seeking to rent a furnished room in Duluth in a house or private apartment that has a tuned piano (with permission to play it). I'm male, 44, a non-smoker. (I would consider a housesitting or pet-sitting arrangement in exchange for rent-reduction.) I need a room starting July 15 and lasting until at least August 15, maybe August 30 (if later than that, we can talk). I'm heading to play on a cruise ship in September and need to practice, so if you don't want your piano played, i wouldn't be good to have around.

I have excellent references. I'd probably want to do a weekly rental, price negotiable.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Sidewalk art that doubles as a 3D Choose Your Own Adventure story. I would love to do something like this in Duluth!

The Maria Bamford Show

[A little profanity -- maybe NSFW]

In August of 2006, comedienne Maria Bamford was onstage at the Friars Club in Los Angeles, when she suffered a nervous breakdown.

She then disappeared for three months, out of contact with friends, family and her manager Stu Golfman.

After being sighted by a homeless Comedy Central fan in Detroit, where she was selling clock radios on the sidewalk, she returned to her parents' home in [Duluth] Minnesota.

This is episode #2, which I think is the funniest.

Watch the rest of the episodes at Super Deluxe.

July 11, 2007


Last promo on this one folks. The ROCK YOUR HEAD SILLY and snappy dressers of RENO DIVORCE and the HIGH OCTANE and always lovely, well except for Chris, sorry Chris, KEEPAWAYS will be playing tomorrow night at the Rouge Lion. Send off the Lion with a bang as this is one of the last few shows there...

Enbridge Oil has a planned expansion coming our way

Anybody else paying attention to this? I have not heard much about it in the news, but it sounds like this is a huge expansion coming straight through the Twin Ports, looks like it is going to cut up a big section of Northern MN and certainly the St.Louis River Valley.

July 10, 2007

For the Love of Christ

Are you kidding me?


Camera Catch

Image hosting by Warst.com

Music Gear

So I need to downsize and I have a bunch of music gear to get rid of.
Bass amp 350 watt Hartke
15" EV bass cab
4x10" Yorkville bass cab
Drum set, kick, snare, floor, high hat, crash, ride.
Danelectro Guitar
Various effect pedals.

Contact me for prices. moeview (at) gmail.com

Rest My Weary Head

So I know a lot of PDDers drive Subarus and I need your help.

I am trying to locate a center backseat headrest for our Outback wagon. Anything model year 2000 or newer will work, I don't know about older.

I've called all the local junkyards with no luck. A new one is $200+ which is ridiculous.

Anyone have such a headrest I could either buy or even rent or borrow for a trip later this month,or a good source for used Suby parts ? My internet searches have not been too fruitful.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Email me if you have any info to share.

July 09, 2007

It's happened again

Outside Magazine chose Duluth as one of the top places to live again.

Along with the warm weather comes long days with stolen boat keys. Damn those border collies are cute..and way to friggan smart. My dog just made this months cover of MNdog. We can use the talent fee for the volvo she drove down the ski jump last winter.

How to get Google TV

Thanks to Barrett for finding this. For other amazing tips visit Infinite Solutions.

July 08, 2007


July 07, 2007

Freedom Festival


Wholesome family fun on Park Point today.

July 06, 2007

The Mummy Peice (cross post)

Was listening to this the other night and wanted to quote it, a google search could not find the text, so I spent some time transcribing it because I felt it should be on the internet somewhere... and yeah it's a cross post but I thought it worth wider distribution. As written by Uncle Bill.

The most unpleasant, precarious and downright stupid immortality blueprint was drafted by the ancient Egyptians. First you had to get yourself mummified and that was very expensive, making immortality a monopoly of the truly rich, then your continued immortality in the Western lands is entirely dependant on the continual existence of your mummy, and that is why they had their mummies hid good.

Now here’s this plain G.I. Allie and he’s got enough boracca, enough energy to survive his first physical death, but he won’t get far. He’s got no mummy, he’s got no names, he’s got nothing! What happens to a bum like that? A nameless mummyless asshole? Why, demons will swarm all over him at the first checkpoint, he will be dismembered and thrown into a flaming pit where his soul will be utterly consumed and destroyed. While others with sound mummies, and the right names to drop in the right places, sail through to the Western lands. There are, of course some who just barely squeeze through, their mummies is not in good sound condition. These creeps can only live in the third rate transient hotels just beyond the last checkpoint where they can smell the charnel house disposal ovens from their skimpy balconies. “Might as well face facts, my mummy is going down hill. I don’t even fell like a human, cheap job to begin with. God, maggots is crawling all over, the way that demon guard looked at me this morning…” Transient hotels.

Here you are in a luxury condo deep in the Western land, you got no security, some disgruntled former employee sneaks into your tomb, throws acid on your mummy. Slosh gasoline all over and burn the shit out of it. “oooh someone is fucking with my mummy” Why you are fucked, lets face it mummies are sitting ducks. No matter who you are what can happen to your mummy is a Pharaoh’s nightmare floods, volcanoes, earthquakes. Perhaps a mummy’s best friend is an Egyptologist. In museums they are safe from spitefully enemies, grave robbers and scavengers, and kept at a constant temperature, but - “air raid sirens, it’s the blitz… for Ra’s sake, get us into the vaults!” scream the mummies, without a throat, without a tongue. “By Allah I can’t decide, the deal stinks like a dead camel, long dead, anyone buy on to a deal like that should have his mummy examined! Don’t take us for dumber than we look, the Johnsons is taken over the Western lands! We bought it, we built it, we paid for it, it’s ours, and we’re going to take it!”

William S Burroughs

Cri de coeur

A shout out to PDD, which is fantastic--no, no, don't blush. I moved here last August and can’t imagine what I would have done without it. Thus, this post.

While I have fallen in love with Duluth, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even have a crush on me. To wit: after nearly a year here, I keep running into a blank wall when I try to make social contacts, or even, gulp, friends. I’ve met a lot of people here...but they don’t seem interested in returning my calls, or going to events that I’ve tried to plan. One Duluthian even told me that his friends weren’t really comfortable meeting new people.

I just can’t believe that somewhere as cool as Duluth, with such a positive artist:seagull ratio, can really be so inhospitable to people not To The Hillside Born. So I’m turning to the (virtually) warm and welcoming community of PDD to ask: what advice would you give to a newcomer trying to integrate here? How did you meet your last stranger? [Difficulty: no community college classes.]

c&t / rgc tonight

(p.s. - "special guest" = retribution gospel choir)

July 05, 2007


So....no one cared to write about the fireworks this year? I guess I'll have to step up to the plate here....

I had a blast!!!! I was at the Old Skyline Wall, out in Gary. You could see everyones fireworks from there beforehand, and Duluths and Superiors (Duluths started before and ended after, we win.) It was really nice, I haven't been in a few years! I didn't know where to go that wouldn't be extra crowded, but it wasn't too bad up there. There was plenty of sitting room on the wall, and everyone was way happy with each other. With as many people as there were there, I expected a few people to get angry. So yeah, just wanted to mention we win.

Anyone else find any good places to watch?

July 03, 2007

Sign of the Times...


"the first thing you have to do is quit your job. I don't worry much about the future. There isn't going to be one if we don't do something."

--Patrick "Randal"...former English teacher @ SDSU turned progenitor of freewayblogger.com

Sure, they look cute but...


Sorry about the double posting, but I couldn't resist...

here's a story about a squirrel having a berzerker in Germany...

I (heart) Youtube v. 2.0

July 02, 2007

Learn Something


Scooter scooted out

Not at all surprising. Not even a little bit. I just thought it interesting that the decision is supported by conservatives who are against immigration initiatives on the basis that they would ammount to amnesty.

Be careful in Hermantown...

...they don't like you to think. On the corner of Maple Grove and Stebner.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Sent to me from my friend Scott.

Snow and Water Skiing

This was taken out at Chester Creek during the thaw this year. Watch them board, ski, and couch (?) down the hill trying to make it over the creek. Hilarity ensues.

I don't know who took this film or anyone in it, but it's fun to watch.

July 01, 2007

Murder Victim's MySpace

Adam Sheda was shot to death at a house party in the East Hillside on Friday night, having just returned from fighting in Iraq.

This is his MySpace page.

"All my friends better throw me one hell of a party when I get home. My plans when I get back are to drink until my heart stops."

- Adam Sheda

News stories here and here.