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Muppet Mania...

Those of you still in town for Grandma's weekend but are trapped in your homes by street closures, insane runners and yard-saling soccer moms, please enjoy the following Muppets clips.


love the Buddy Rich!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing - that made my day! :D

I think Starfire's next shirt should be: "i hate the MARATHON."

Think about it ... he could market it in EVERY city with a marathon!

Personally, I like "If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?"

BadCat wins... again...


LOL - Ironic1, ya dork! It's not a competition - I think we all hate the tourists equally... ;)

Hmmm...I'd better cancel my trip to Duluth in August if you all hate the tourists so much. I'd like to come back to NY alive. ;)

It's not that we hate tourists, we hate asshole tourists who drive up here, think they are the shit, and that we're nothing but small-town yokels.
(so glad I don't work food-service in Canal Park anymore!!!)

Oh god. On saturday I was driving down Mesaba avenue, and a soccer mom in a bug SLAMMED ON HER BREAKS right in front of me and STOPPED TO POINT OUT LAKE SUPERIOR TO HER HUSBAND. ON MESABA. I'm sorry lady, but you can see the lake from about 99% of Duluth. I wanted to "lightly nudge" the back of her car with mine, but thankfully I didn't. This was, of course, the first of many incidents yesterday.

i've heard horror stories from friends working retail/service downtown...my hat's off to you guys, really.

the most i have to deal with on a daily basis is the bunch that strays far up superior enough to stumble into the roasterie and want to buy coffee from me...thinking we're a coffee shop. gawd i love my job...i don't have to deal with as many of them.

speaking of...we've got some friday tours coming up...if anyone's interested...i'll keep ya'll posted...

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