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Fun Winter Driving in the Zenith City

The post below mentioned the fun we all have driving after some fresh fluffy stuff. My buddy Craig made this video during a snow storm a few years back. This is from the intersection on 19th Ave E and 8th st.


I can't believe the stop sign and bus shelter survived.

I don't think I observed anyone willingly continuing down 19th from 8th:)
Great video!

Very nice video. I wonder which storm that was. I remember a late October storm back about 4 years ago where people were driving like idiots because they didn't believe it could be so slippery.


i remember coming down 6th around the coppertop one winter. it was so slippery that my car slowly did two 360's all the way down. no amount of steering or braking was saving me. i finally slid into a curb right before 4th and came to a nice stop.

how i managed to slide for that far and not hit anything is pure luck. in fact, i made it through 11 duluth winters and never once hit anything while driving. i can't say the same for the summer i tried rollerblading.

Hey! That's my bus stop! That hill isn't even very big. Our introduction to Duluth winters happened a few blocks down the hill from there. We woke up and heard a commotion out our back window, and looked out to see people standing in 4th street looking for cars coming down 19th. Then they would wave down the cars coming from either way on 4th, and get them to stop. Then every car coming down 19th slid right through the intersection, most of them into the yard on the downhill side. The most frightening part was how well organized this group was. They'd obviously done this before.
We had just moved up here and thought we'd made the biggest mistake of our lives.

I lived right on 4th and 19th and the same snowstorm where craig was took this video we were stopping cars as they slid down 19th. There were some close calls, but I think only one accident happened when we were out there. I lived there 2 years and every winter someone would slide through the stop sign into the yard across 4th and take out the fire hydrant.

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