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but is today really a perfect duluth day?


of course!

If you are alive and not in large amounts of pain then any day is a perfect Duluth day

If you are a teacher who got the rest of the week off, it's a perfect Duluth day. :)

if you got off early from work but still got paid for the whole day...it's a perfect duluth day!

I just made it from Duluth to Superior in whiteout conditions the entire way. 90% of the time I couldn't see a damn thing at all -- just white. Made it over the Bong Bridge with 55 mph wind gusts in a Toyota Tercel with bad tires. I honestly don't know how I made it, but I'm ALIVE! And very lucky! Dang right it's a Perfect Duluth Day!

I also drove in a total whiteout, unable to brake without doing a 360 spin (which I did once), from the west end post office where I work to downtown Duluth where I ditched the car.

Whiteout conditions with thunder & lightning? It's a PDD all around!

Thunder Snow is cool.

Check your furnace vents/exhaust. I've dug the snow away from ours 3 times now. Nobody needs carbon monoxide poisoning.

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