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colon cleaner.jpg

Did anyone else catch this in the Weekly Reader? So, like new means it has been where??


Has anyone called the number?
I will not call from my line, but would would be up to trying on the near-by pay phone..

yeah, this was the subject du jour at work a couple of weeks ago...

In the movie Big Time, Tom Waits does a little riff about used erotica. Paraphrasing:
"Think about it, Who used it? Was it cleaned? Who cleaned it? Are they licensed?..."
That's what popped in my head with this ad.

At the risk of sounding creepy...and not that I'm part of some weird sect of society...

Colon cleansing is pretty common. www.colon-cleanse-constipation.com/

but used? Who are these people?

Yes, I do believe colon cleansing is QUITE common judging from the line at the Taco J drive thru last PM.......

eww. didn't need that in my head. thanks zim.

yeah, the "Like New" really gets me.

if it's "like new," it's been...places. places i don't care to now about.

course the two pumps listed right below just adds to the squick factor


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