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Twelve Moons

Between April 2004 and April 2005, I collected something like 1500 frames off the web camera positioned at Canal Park, all from the comfort of my home in Twin Cities. I recently I put them together in this video and finally up on YouTube. Enjoy!


that is terrif!

Nice work!

I'm thinking that this here piece is most worthy of a "Petey"...if we ever gave "Peteys"...

Of course, that would require the establishment of the PDD awards...the statue-like trophies could be called "Peteys."

Anyhow, if there WERE such an award...this would be worthy of one.

Martin Scorsese eat your heart out.


Mark Ryan, you rule again!

Super fantastic! This should be in the Free Range Film Festival.

Thanks everyone. This was my first YouTube posting, and I have to say, linking it here has spread this thing all over the place. I really appreciate the PDD site. Thanks.

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