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Tonight at Luce - State Champs CD Release


Do ya think Andrew Olson will be there?

A good interview with the State Champs, written by our own Ms. Dean, is up on the MN artists website:

"Do ya think Andrew Olson will be there?"

I hope so. Money is money. I mean, it's not like he can get in free by using that "I'm a journalist!" excuse anymore.

ZB: he might be able to get in for free using the "I'm a douchebag" excuse.

Worst douchebag journalist ever.

I don't get all this Andrew bad mouthing. Is this what we do?

Who's "we?"

Finally got around to reading his little piece of trash. It's one thing to be an ass. Everyone has been an ass at one point or another in their lives. It's quite another to be an ass in print... over and over and over. Journalism 101: when you throw daggers in print at innocent people who don't deserve it, it's open season on you, so you best start running or grab an umbrella for the upcoming shitstorm you started all by your lonesome. Jamie, I'd like to see how you'd react if you or your friends got slammed in a newspaper for absolutely no reason. No one is bad mouthing Andrew Olson -- he does a good enough job by himself. What's going on here is just simple venting about someone who shouldn't be allowed to write for any publication. Fortunately, I don't think anyone takes him seriously anyway. The guy can barely make a complete sentence. By the way, great show last night, guys.

My thing is... Mr. Olson tried to screw over the Champs... but in doing so, he also screwed over Humanoid, Dave Mehling (sp?) and the Conquistadors... ALONG WITH LUCE!

To me... it calls into question any integrity he may have had as a journalist and wrighter. It also calls into question the motives of the Reader by allowing such libel. Do they not realize that yes they may be talking ill of my band and trying to screw us over... but what about the other band... or Luce for that matter?

By telling people to not come to our show, Luce is also losing money on that deal. So if you, (AO and/or Reader Weekly), are just dandy with promoting the idea of not attending shows at Luce (or any other venue) because you and / or your wrighter are being whiny babies about something asinine... I will love to see how long these venues will keep their advertising with your publication.

I think all local venues and businesses should rethink their advertising with the Reader. If the Reader lets stuff like this go in print... it calls into question any integrity they may have (if any at all) as a publication. And is that where you want to be advertising?

I couldn't find his State Champs bashing article. I love the new album, btw, but couldn't make the show.

My mistake, I haven't seen the article either

luce advertises in the rag. the editor should be shit canned as well.

Good idea about the shit canning, but it's tough to do when the publisher/owner pays his writers and staff in coupons. Bob Boone has been doing just that for many years. I guess you get what you pay (or don't pay) for. He wanted me to write for him about 8 years ago and I did what he does to most people; I acted like I was selectively deaf and ignored him.

I've always joked that the chapter of my autobiography where I wrote for the Reader would be entitled "Will Work For Coupons."

Incidentally, I haven't read the article either (the Reader's website hasn't been updated since July) but the State Champs CD release drew me out of my cocoon last Saturday because the State Champs rule. Also, I listened to their new CD today and it's fantastic.

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