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The Perfection of Want and Can’t – or – Kicked in the Monads

pops 001.jpg

Leibniz said (more or less) “everything is as it should be.”

Everything is perfect. Perfectly painful, flawlessly beautiful. History’s perfect control of the present and future. Everything is written. Perfect reactions, perfect nonsense. I love the perfection of it all. Love-IT!

Absolutely boring and stupid. Entirely dramatic, cool and stylish. Cold, steel perfection, and yes, even a perfect Duluth day.

Suicidally driven! Glaringly handsome! Smooth like honey, a perfect gentleman. Adorable, unattainable. A perfect liar, utterly terrified, honorable among thieves. Perfectly broken in a self-made prison.

Perfectly molded, crafted, and sculpted. Purely naive and totally aware. In perfect health and terminally ill. Manipulated and then manipulating. Completely destroyed and annihilated. Then eternally reborn. Perfect, just perfect.


irvin, this is the most beautiful thing you've put out.

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