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Someone is judging you

Duluth Politics

As for me, I like how he refers to himself as "us" and "we". I also like how he pretty much never gets any comments.


Too bad moderation is on in his blog because I don't think my comment will make it.

"You really know how to get readers to come to your blog. Let's put down the most consistent blog in Duluth and call everyone there nut jobs. I take that term personally as I am a right wing, Rush Limbaugh listening, Gay Rights advocating freak. So, instead of having your one sided conversations with your self on your blog, Can you call it a blog if no one comes here?, come and join in the conversations of music and skating on Lake Superior and the once and a while political posts. Oh that's right skating on Lake Superior makes us liberals. Douche Bag!!!!! "

What I'm most amazed about is that he spelled everything in that sentence correctly - if his previous posts are any example of his true spelling knowledge. He should be really proud of himself.

ARGH!!!! I can't believe I am this pissed over that fraking arsehole......I think this post was my tipping point in changing my voting style in the next election. That and the John Edwards video that reminded me to save energy by insulating my pipes from the heater. Does that make up for the fact I want a Hummer. LoL

We're more of a hairy left wing blow job blog...

How did he manage to break the page so badly? I mean, it's Blogger! The shear force of his stupidity must be awesome enough to reach into the Intertubes and type bad code all on it's own.

that guy's a douche. i read it occasionally. my dogs have better grammer. i tried to post when he called "us" out but couldn't. hope you see this looser. might want to go and get your ged.

what a chooch.

How can someone spew so much into the ether and have so few comments?

I am left with two possible observations: A) He has no readers. B) He deletes anyone who disagrees.

Personally I think both are true.

He is either the old man who writes to the paper about 'the indecency of the younger generation' when he sees a girl who shows her ankles...or he's 24 and TRAINING to be that man.

I can disagree with his limited understanding...but he's American and has the right to be limited, if he wants to be...What I CAN'T handle is the horrors that he perpetrates on the common goddamn comma.

I don't think calling the guy a douche bag is going to accomplish anything and if you want to cut him down based on his ideology or hideous English skills, you might as well do so on a website his peers read such as duluthsolutions.com.

By the way, his name is John Rathe and I hear he's a good bowler.

Well, if by "peers" you mean the two other guys on that site, I don't think we need to bother.

Oh yeah...John Rathe...he is (or used to be) a pretty consistent contributer to the Duluth "Citizens" Blog...notice I used "" around Citizens, as it's a misnomer. If you aren't a specific "type" of citizen (i.e., pissed off at the city government, the GLBTQAI community, the police, the fire department, communists, socialists, the DFL, unions, developers, welfare moms, and pretty much anyone and everyone that doesn't hand them everything they want for free), your remarks and arguments won't make it very far. The moderators keep a pretty tight rein on conflicting viewpoints, and generally shut them down before they have a chance to make a valid argument.

Sorry, folks; wrong link (or they changed the page, perhaps). Here's the correct one.


Hey... you can't have the user name perfectduluthday.

I call shenanigans.

aye, shenanigans.

Sorry, not pretending to be a mod or admin. But small shenanigans are much better than cruel incivility, I think. Let's live out our highest values, not our base instincts.

I suggest you take your lecture about cruel incivility to Mr. Rathe and his ilk and see how far that gets ya.

I'm sick of pretending to be nice for the sake of civility...when in reality, I'm not all that nice.

yep. i agree daddy. you should hear what rathe & his pals say about gays. real civil.

or...you can take a look at the Duluth "Citizens" Blog for further examples of John Rathe's "idea" of civility...

nope. I'm one pissed off hippie.

Oh, I just can't RESIST it!

He may be a good man. We may meet and, despite his personal views, I may find him to be a person who can be reasoned with.

But I will NEVER...NEVER give ground on the subject of spelling and punctuation.

Especially when I am called an 'enviormentorlist'.

Dear Mr. Blogger,
Please remember two things: 1) You CAN open more than one IE or Firefox window. 2) www.dictionary.com

Seriously, my friend, there is pride...and there is stupidity. Watch out for the elipse.

I once made a teasing comment on his blog about his grammar and punctuation. I believe John admitted, regretfully, that he did not exactly make the most of high school. If his blog is that painful to read, then don't read it. The man is giving it his best shot, gramatically speaking. I've often thought he likely has a reading or learning disability of some sort, based on my exposure to other folks who are in that situation. FYI, it is painful for me to read, as well.

Content is another matter. I think John is also open to considering other's opinions, including moderating his own, if given the chance to listen, understand, and dialogue in a decent fashion. Maybe he needs to hang out around a better crowd, and certainly not waste time at the citizen's blog.

Re incivility in dealing with incivility, doesn't that smack of hypocracy, assuming one would generally believe in civility and peacemaking?
My grandma always said two wrongs don't make a right.

Further, I think there is a difference between speaking you mind, being firm, and opposing opinions you don't like, and being uncivil, if not downright cruel.

If it's OK to cross that line depending on how strongly one feels about an issue, then why not cross the next line and just punch somebody in the mouth for saying something that offends you?

Principles and values are meant to be consistently lived, not tossed aside for emotion and convenience.

I'm sorry, but using a title like 'This is a scary left wing nut job blog.' does NOT indicate that he is open to 'considering other's opinions'. He posts also do not indicate that rational discourse will result in anything other than derision.

If Mr. Rathe truly does want 'dialogue in a decent fashion' then he needs to begin from his side. It's obvious from posts I have read that attempts to engage him have failed.

In short, he needs to apologize publicy, in his blog, for his rants and ask those who wish to engage him to do so in a civil manner.

Then he needs to respond in a civil manner himself.

Only at that point could he complain about being insulted. You are right: adding two negatives doesn't equal a positive. But a positive and a negative? They only cancel each other out.

No, Mr. Rathe and his friends are only interested in civil discourse on the precondition that your opinions on a chosen subject agree with their own philosophies, lest ye be assailed with insults and more...uncivil namecalling, grandstanding and bullying...IF you are indeed fortunate to be able to somehow sneak your opinionous post past one or all of the moderators who will quite likely NOT post your opinion to the group.

I've been assaulted (both physically and verbally), called names, insulted, threatened and generally made to be a second class citizen because of the way I think, how I fee and how we (as a family) choose to live our lives...all the while being accused of trying to destroy the of ethics, values and morality...simply because I refuse to submit to their own brand of morality. I don't support the current political climate OR the military actions they've taken in the last four years, with regard to the country of Iraq...

No...I'm done being civil...I'm done being expected to just roll over and take it when they come at me with their assaults...

I hear what you folks are saying. Like I said, I have been engaged in some civil discussions with John where differing opinions were expressed. It's possible. However, he can certainly stand some lessons how to better present his opinions, on his blog and elsewhere. Bad affiliation group perhaps.

in.dog.neato: Sorry to hear about the assaults of any nature. I'm not sure what you mean by no longer being civil. How do you plan to respond to attacks in the future?

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