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She wants your blood!


OK...I know this may be the strangest request ever on PDD.
She is a phlebotomy student at DBU and needs to have 18 more SUCCESSFUL blood draws to be able to pass her phlebotomy class before her internship.

All that is “required” is a desire to help a student who may one day be the one who draws your blood at a hospital or clinic. (And a paper you will sign stating that in case of an accidental stick/poke from the needle, that DBU can test your blood)

Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 9:15 AM to 11:00 AM (it is ok to go at 11 as the lab class ends at 11:20)

Please email her at [email protected] for her to know, or for more details.

And “Thank You So Much” from her!


ehh...needles...one of my three phobias.

wish i could help ya out but...

Needles and someone I only know from the internet.

Yeah, um, maybe next time.

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