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Perfect Duluth Baby...


that was infectious! I loved it!

Looks like I may have found a new bandmate. If your daughter gets that big of a kick out of a 'portable cow', she would love my place. Little people having fun with sound is awesome. Thanks!

ohh! that's brilliant! what a fantastc giggle!

(sorry if this is a dbl post)

that was brilliant! my 3mo old was amused by it as well!

ohh...she's not afraid to make noise...we encourage it, actually...she's already got her first Remo drum, LP chicken shakes, as well as the requisite stock pot and wooden spoons...

I've figured out that if you have a lot of cookware and are hard up for efficient storage for it, let the kid play with it! If you need it, you can always wash it...

though, i might have to take you up on that offer...

IF you're interested, though, I have an idea that might benefit the kids up at Summit School...ya should email me either on myspace OR zra_weiatyahoodotcom.

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